What I See From My Back Porch-A Challenge

Cecilia over at thekitchensgarden put up a challenge which goes like this:

What I see from my back porch.

So before the rain started again I grabbed the camera to get you a few views of what is out there.

I see lots of gorgeous greens right out back and getting green with each rainy day we have. We did not have rain for weeks.


We have yet to put the roof on as we could still get feet of snow and 60 mph winds.
The garden is behind this seating area and not too far from the door and the kitchen inside.  I only have corn, squash, Cosmos, Sugar Snap peas in at the moment and those went in a week too soon our last frost is this long weekend.


After having 70+ wild turkey and now just this one hangs out and looks in the window for me to scatter some Black oil Sunflower Seeds and some cracked corn in exchange it promises to eat all the nasty ticks it can find before they get us and the pets.  We have Lyme Disease really bad here in New England.  Sad to see just one lone bird but it will be safe here with us.


I have been taking care not to let these get cold at night but come Monday they will be added to hanging pots or large containers so they can grow into real beauties!


Tons of Lilacs all over the yard it smells wonderful too.




Off it goes to roost for the night only to return in the AM and come to the door and look for me and the dog and cat.

Now that Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us we can really go to town getting the garden going, pots planted, and yard set up for warm summer nights by the fire.

Stay safe everyone

Happy Memorial Day




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14 thoughts on “What I See From My Back Porch-A Challenge

  1. That cracked me up: warm summer nights by the fire! We too are still lighting the fire in the evenings and sometimes all day – we had frost last week, but I don’t think there will be any more snow. Wind, yes. Up until the last couple of years we rarely saw snow in Normandy, but nowadays I often have to put the crampons on my boots.

    I like your garden philosophy.

    1. ME TOO!!!! It will poor till Monday then maybe all the parades can be done to honer those who served.

      I shall get all plants in and see if we can get some sun so they don’t rot 🙂

      Have a wonderful holiday we are retired too so each day shall pass like the last FAST!

  2. Have a great long weekend Eunice! We have had such cool days and a cold night tonight, but no more frosts here. My plants are in need of some warmth though! Hope it warms up nicely soon.

    1. I am sure it shall poor little birds who are sitting on eggs soaken wet pouring rains 50’s and 60′ F at least it is not 90 F already man weather is nuts everywhere

      Have a wonderful long weekend I shall put my plants in and pray for the BEST!

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