What I See From my Back Porch – A challenge


I have a challenge for you. What do you see from your Back Porch or Back Doorstep? This is what I can see from my back porch. Sitting on the step.

I can see:


The unDaily View (it looks a little different because I have another lens on, the 50mm).


Sophie’s Garden.


The orchard … well it will be an orchard when it is all growed up.

Not everything is pretty though miss c,  says Queenie. You have to show them the view to the North too!


Thank you for that Queenie,  I was just about to do that.

And no more sitting on me. 

But Queenie, you are such a comfy rest when I am grubbing thistles in the field.

Well, I don’t like it.

But you never move.

That’s because I am too tired.  And anyway you are putting on weight. So you pin me to the…

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