Life Is Good

Here it is Saturday in the US and I was up at 3 AM seems normal for me of late and I find I stay up all day till crashing about 10 PM boy those were my hours most days as a trucker lol maybe I am just getting ready no not for this girl though with the lottery tonight and a jackpot of over 500 million I could buy a new rig and take trips when I wanted too! I have one ticket out of the millions sold so not a chance of it being me. I just hope a prize such as this goes to those who really could do some good with it. Ron says I would have family and friends coming out of the woodwork looking for handouts I remind him that if they didn’t enjoy me when I was poor they would hate me when I was RICH!

Well so much of my home is now painted still not done but well on its way and then it is time to add some color, the same, to the barn! Now lottery money would go to things like new barn shingles on the roof and a team to paint barn in one day not a year like I do it in. I would have a new lawn tractor with implements to remove snow, till the land and get rid of brush. A new chainsaw oh wait I would hire a man for that!

I have yet to place one plant into my space for an English Garden just been moving Ruggosa  Roses to different areas of the yard as a living fence, Lilac shoots added onto berm area Forsythia too. I want to dig up my Wisteria for the third time hoping it will be the charm to get it to thrive and bloom once again. The lawn is now coming in as are the wildflowers and last night he started mower for me and I did the upper yard and moved down by the river and the chain came off so there the mower sits in the lower yard now you know why I need a real TRACTOR.

Here are my beautiful but very tall Lilacs. When they are all done blooming and they have gone by out will come the small chainsaw and I will cut them back to maybe 5 feet tall.






They are huge.  Reaching so far up I can no longer get many flowers for the home.


We trimmed that Pear tree too.   Yes it was full of blooms I showed you the Northern Flicker sitting in it on my other blog Folsom Mill Studio, we took 10 foot tall branches from the top half off they say to never do that to a Pear tree but what good it is if I have no ladder long enough to pick the fruit before they ripen on the tree and smash to the ground for yellow jacket bees to swarm.  I will make some yummy things this year with the fruit I will now be able to reach.   The Pear tree actually looks like a weeping fruit tree but the soil here is so rich I am sure it will be a monster needing attention next year too.

Well for the good stuff now.

This was the BEST MOTHER’S DAY for me.  Only 2 have been special the one the year Mike and I connected and this year as we reach a new level of understanding.  He is hoping to be heading this way soon as he fishes up his painting jobs and Artwork he has going on.  Yes Life Is Good!

So it is important for me to have it all done around this place should he come by to say hello I want it to be warm and inviting lol nesting 37 years later you got to LOVE IT!!

Missed most of you but with new reader working awesome I can once again get New Posts!




10 thoughts on “Life Is Good

    1. Thanks lol
      Sorry for your allergies I had them real bad as a child and missed so much time to catch up 🙂

      Drawing is tonight you have time to get YOUR TICKET!!!!

    1. Your not kidding!

      Thanks so many all over the yard wish I could get an Arial shot!

  1. You have a happy life now Eunice which you have worked so hard for and I know you are treasuring every moment. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Take care of yourself . Love this post great photos as usual. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Thanks so much Rita it is a very simple peace loving world I live here in New England even when ugly stuff is happening all around us 😦 Today the 4 of us in our Garden Club(a huge town) took out all plant material and I had a friend donate loam and we get to wear his WILD GREEN SHIRTS with logo in exchange I just brought all the plants we dug out to water thoroughly to be place into a beautiful spot we will sculpt tonight at 6 and place all the plants back in it is who I am and thanks for reading my blog I know it goes from funny to dead serious to filled with joy but that is exactly the path I have traveled I am so glad to really know who my son grew up to be 🙂 I am so blesses

  2. We moved last October and there is a lilac bush like you mention where the flowers are so high up… so are you saying after the flowers all die off then you cut back to approx. 5 feet? And will this affect next years’ flowering? Diane

    1. They can not be killed if you wait till all blooms are gone the take a chainsaw or loppers to the height you want they will be wonderful I took photos of mine today I will share what they look like the year after I cut them back did my hedge roses same way actually did a blog on it and cut them really really a lot now they are taller than me 😦

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