Not Funny On So Many Levels

I know this is not FUNNY on so many levels but I have to tell you it not only made me take a Double Take

but sent me up the road to turn around to snap a few photos to share with you all.

Now these Guinea Hens do no LIVE here


They could not help themselves honest they couldn’t lol



They are so pretty aren’t they.

Wonder why they are not fed enough at home that they have to hunt  the local neighborhood for food.

Can one be sued for a crop that NEVER comes UP?

Boy the man who worked hard to make his place pretty is not going to see the humor in this act!








see the tape clearly they didn’t




They didn’t see that money was laid out for a NEW LAWN either

How many ingredients in this future lawn had been added to the seed

I will let you know if they going missing.

I will have to watch this place like the hawk that is always above us doing hunting of his own as I will add clover seed throughout the property  to sweeten the soil and add clover for all the local bees who hang out here before heading down the street to the local hives.


I did laugh then I worried about the birds then came home and saw a Bunny, Groundhog and birds lurking close to MY GARDEN not all my Peas came up so either they were duds or someone is hunting my SPACE too!

See you soon

Yes you can chuckle


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    1. I love them but worry about the poison in the stuff they sprayed 😦

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