Can you all do me a favor?

This place online I sell my prints well am trying to sell them Fine Art America is having a contest for images to share on their TV Commercial and they need people to vote.
It is open for our family and friends to vote and I think you can vote on 100 single photos
If you happen to LIKE any of the 3 I chose to enter could you click on vote in the contest for me. I have thousands of photos and so hard for me to get to these 3 put they are ones I use for cards and I personally remember each day as I shot them.
You are free to vote on anyone on FAA but each one that gets 250 votes gets a chance at the powers to be seeing their work so they can get images for commercial.
I will ask FB friends to vote but you all know me better 🙂

Thanks so much if you can you know I already appreciate each and every one of you and do not vote if you dislike photo 🙂


14 thoughts on “Can you all do me a favor?

  1. Would love to, but would rather not register (too many accounts e-mailing me as it is). I tried going in through Facebook, but they wanted a lot more access than I wanted to give.


      1. No, i’m sorry I have such antipathy toward places that want to know things about me.

        lilYour submissions are really good, and were it not for then wanting access to my friends list (I see no reason for it) I would have voted. I might still this weekend; I think I can grant them access, vote, and then delete them. I don’t know if the vote will remain, but I’ll give it a shot.

  2. Hi Eunice-
    I had the same problem – wants too much from my facebook info. But… I loved the photos! They are beautiful. Can you put this on via facebook so we can vote from there? Just a suggestion.

    1. If you go to my wall on my page or on my Folsom Mill Studio facebook page I have links in both places 🙂 Thanks

  3. Eunice… Your pics are gorgeous. I went to vote, but I don’t have a FB account. I’m thinking of starting one for my Art Gowns.. but I’m not there yet. Your photography work is wonderful! _ love Resa

    1. Thanks Christy me too lol Thanks so much for your votes too 🙂

  4. Hi Eunice. I am a loyal follower follower and I love your posts. Maybe it is just the wifi connections in Europe that are messing me up. Cheers to you!!!

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