Yes Spring Has Sprung!


Leaves have begun to unfurl and show their beauty to those who wait for any sign.







Flowers in hanging baskets become all the rage





Even the beautiful Forsythia that lines this property had visitors!  I love this beautiful, very tiny golden bug.   I do love Macro for what shows up that I never saw .

Miss you all

We had our Garden Club plant sale yesterday wish it had been a sell out.


Painted almost the whole front side of our house today,  ouch too much.


It has  been so gorgeous here like a present for what we had to deal with this past winter.


I hope you are seeing better weather.  We go to Boston tomorrow and for the first time I am uneasy about traveling to the city I adore.  Mom has doctor appointment at one of the hospitals the wounded were taken to.


I am hoping to write a few stories and share some more photos I already have the photos in camera now to download them onto laptop and WRITE



Miss you all



16 thoughts on “Yes Spring Has Sprung!

    1. My yard is a HUGE welcome mat right night everything just welcoming the warmth and I have the house well on becoming completed 🙂 then no rest onto the barn!

  1. Your work is amazing. I nominated you for the shine on award. Should you choose to accept, please see my home page for instructions. Blessings on your day.

    1. AMAZING ME??? lol Thanks for the nomination I do what I love so I am glad you found something to like as well I promise to come and gather info been a long day today so hopefully Tuesday or Wed in the rain I can put my feet up and BLOG 🙂

    2. Thanks I did accept and added it to a post I just did passing it on to any of my followers who do not already have one I never follow rules sadly but wanted you to know I finally had the time to write a post and include you much appreciated award! Thanks so much!

    1. We had frost last night and I forgot to cover the Impatiens oops will have to see if they make a come back

    1. Thanks for comments on flowers 🙂 I am practicing
      though still not attached to the tripod 😦

      Mom is OK she goes every 3 months to Boston for check up for R. Arthritis she used to be crippled and now walks daily at 77 much better with all the help she gets. She doesn’t want to drive to city and I used to take her all the time then my brother started to when I was in bad wreck and now I try to take here and make a day of it yesterday we had KFC yum but today is weigh in lol

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