Well spring has arrived here in NH and that means added joy and hope for better days ahead, not just for me but for all living things who need this planet to survive themselves. I hope the weather in your spot here on earth is not under water.  I want my old planet back when you could count on normal weather but sadly we have done so many things wrong and usually it is not the super wealthy who get hurt the most.  Not fair that I can say.

So I wanted to let you know I am so happy, no not just because of the flowers starting to bloom or the heat being turned of for most of the day but REALLY HAPPY, filled with joy from letting go of STUFF,  physically and mentally purging is good for one’s soul,  house too!    Have you started spring cleaning yet?

My son and I are back to being able to speak to one another and for that all the pain I went through for 10 days was worth it.  LOL  He is happy and putting tons of ART out there  and having fun isn’t that what we all want for our children.

I have been getting more of my prints out there for sale and soon will step back into my studio to melt some glass and see what this new joy will look like in beads and fused objects.  I will do some more Zentangle as well but all of that will wait till gardens are in and house is painted 1/2 a house painted has to end!

Beading with tiny seed beads has taken a backseat for now I just have actually been to busy and too happy to sit still and ouch the body feels it!  I may do a piece for special people or myself but not for sale anymore as they want them for free  see you can teach an old dog new tricks!

So let me add a photo for you all let me know if you LIKE IT lol





Pear Tree!

Blossom/leaf from Pear tree


Have a great day!


    1. I am so very glad I am just elated to be on a path that my son is on as well being back with all of you will be fun now that all that damn crap is BEHIND ME lol I am thinking I can quit WW now I got the program down pat and no longer crave ANYTHING well maybe a trip south when I can find a cute cheap car to muck about in 🙂
      Love and missed you

  1. Glad spring has reached you too. I’ve done some spring cleaning too, but still loads to do – cobwebs everywhere! LOL!

    1. Yes we burn coal and I started with bedroom gutting it changing position of bed no feet headed out the door now lol with weight loss so many clothes will go! Glad you are well and still here miss you others I follow in email and facebook 🙂

  2. Spring has been slow coming to your area, but I’m glad it’s getting there. I’m happy to hear you are happy. That’s always a good thing and fits the season.

    1. Thanks Lulu I am and hopeful for better times ahead and yes so spring like with hope of things to come 🙂 thanks!

    1. So thankful winter is but a memory lol better keep my mouth shut I have seen my Lilacs in full bloom buried in heavy snow and they have yet to open 🙂

  3. Hi Eunice glad you are feeling much better and happy. I have started my spring cleaning and its a big job here because we get the sands blowing in from the Sahara Dessert and it gets everywhere from covering the balcony’s and cars to it gets into cupboards in the house and between door jams which is very difficult to remove. I have even found sand in my handbag So that’s the main stuff to get rid of before I can get down to normal spring cleaning,However I still love living here. Love this post Eunice. Thanks for sharing and many thanks for visiting my blog. Take care.

    1. yuck I get sand from dirt driveway but not like your place pace yourself and I will talk to you soon 🙂

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