I LOVE TREES but you knew that

This is a link for a story done about a nasty beetle found out in WY and we now here in NH are seeing more borer types attracting trees in the Northeast.  Keep your eyes open to protect out TREES!  Please



David is a friend of my son Mike.  You can LIKE  David’s page on Facebook       The name of his page is in the article


Having just been Earth Day it is a good time to be reminded to LOVE OUR PLANET EARTH  oh and EACH OTHER!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “I LOVE TREES but you knew that

  1. In parts of Massachusetts we had to cut down many trees that were infested with the Asian long horned beetle. Really sad. ):

    1. I live just north of you and we are seeing more and more We can’t bring wood in from other states while they try to keep our forest making air for us to breathe

    1. Thanks so much Bette HUGS I have so many to collect maybe tomorrow as it rains 🙂

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