Influencing Me – Ansel Adams

6 thoughts on “Influencing Me – Ansel Adams

    1. I had to re-blog her work, blog and his photos till this year it was way back in my film days since I shot or showed my work in B&W I will never be him but it is OK I sort of LIKE me 🙂

  1. I have to tell you that i have about six of her NYC photographs in my home. Can’t believe the coincidence and seeing her here. She’s wonderful. BTW she’s very active on Google+, as are a lot of photographers, and that’s where I found her work.

    Hook up with me over there and i can send you lots of photographers to connect with.

    Love you.


    1. Thanks Melissa I am on G+ as well and she has been so nice to me 🙂 I do not have anything of her caliber I have small camera and never use a tripod lol I have a frisbee in my hand and a cute dog beside me when I shoot 🙂

      Love you too

      if you go to google and type in Eunice Miller or Amazon and type in Eunice Miller it will take you to the new photos I sell there let me know what you want to use on 20 Lines some real pretty colorful ones there. 🙂

      Just so you know my son and I are AWESOME and he will be coming east SOON 🙂

      1. JUST HAPPY ONES we both have a set of tools now that will carry us through life loving ourselves 🙂 I love sharing good news finally

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