Still Waiting On Spring Type Temps.

Well here in New Hampshire some at higher elevations got a few inches of snow we had temps. in the 20’s F.

I came home sick from the 10 days of meditation then got better and poked around the yard with JT.  I sent him out detecting as he had her for 12 days.  They went on walks and hikes which was so nice for them but he missed his treasure.  So JT would grab a Frisbee or a stick depending upon her mood and me my camera, rake and shovel.  It was spring and things had to be done before the Black Flies arrived.  So I took a stool into the garden and set about digging out more rocks that had surfaced from the fall tilling he had done for me and threw something for the dog to chase.  She will be seven on Mother’s Day do Border Collies ever slow down?

Now I took the larger stones out and the peas are in now to add some peat moss and compost and move that into the soil then I will lay a tarp over whole garden bed to kill all weed seeds but not the Peas!

I have some time to get crops in as we can have frost up until May 30.  Yes a short season compared to the south.  I decided I will grow tomatoes in Pots and 5 gal. buckets with the mix I whip up.  I will grow peppers, herbs, lettuce the same way.  In the garden I will grow sweet corn, squash, potatoes, garlic, onion, kale, spinach and lots of Zinnias, Sunflowers and Cosmos.

I have yet to dig up my Ruggosa Roses(Beach Plum) and move them I also have Forsythia just starting to bloom so when they are done I will move some to the berm area.  I am trying to get my plants picked out for Cottage Garden area and today I went to a yard sale with boyfriend and JT and bought two trellises from a man who came down from Maine to Massachusetts and had almost sold out by the time I chose mine.  They are made from cedar but I want to coat with sealer so they will give me many years of use.

I tried to pressure wash front of home but could not start my machine shoulder killing me from FRISBEE lol He will get her started so I can spray with bleach mixture and get the green to wash off the paint on east side of home under the pines.  Must take one tree down but with willow having to come down I hate to lose another tree so I will hold off but not too long as a new roof I can not afford it is just 3 years old now.  I have cedar shingles I need to replace so I watched a You Tube video on how it is done now to look for that tool they used.
I have ben pulling dirt away from exposed wood were it rots it away and will add plants far from foundation so it doesn’t happen again.

Well this week I will be busy getting plants ready for our Garden Club yard and plant sale first Sat. in  May but it will be over by noon so I can run to local racetrack to get my pick for the Kentucky Derby in and get home for watching the Fastest 2 Minutes in Sports!  We will offer lilies, annuals and perennials.  Can’t wait to see how much we make as we already added some color to our town but want to have plants done by us in downtown along the bridge and at major intersection as you come through town.  We only have 5 older woman in our group so we do the best we can.

Here are a few photos of what I have been up to lately.  I will go through the reader and try to catch up with you all though most of you never seem to show up on it even though I am one of your followers.



Forsythia (above)


Lilac(above in bud)


Ruggosa Rose Bushes (above in bud)


The grass is green

I went through over 400 pounds of bird seed this winter yes it was a bad winter.

Looking forward to getting all the yard and home done by Memorial Day so I can sit back and reap all I get back in return for the 6 months that will follow.  I will make more jewelry and take different kinds of photos I will even use the tripod more.

So nice to sit and share life with you once again.  Can’t wait to see what you all have been up too!

Here is one of the more recent birds to visit here in flocks along with the small cow birds or black with orange and yellow stripes on their wings.  Boy they love the seed but they come and Cardinals leave and I miss them though they call to me each morning from where they have been busy building their nests.


Pretty right

Hungry too!

Oh I placed my half full hummingbird feeders out last night just incase they arrive early and the Apple Tree has yet to open.
Can’t wait till they come back home.

Have a great week everyone!

Stay safe.


27 thoughts on “Still Waiting On Spring Type Temps.

    1. As much as I adore them I never knew there was a map for me to keep an eye on them thanks again so much!

      1. Thanks so much I will let you know when I see the first one here! Usually when Lilac and Apple tree open they are here to stay and as you can see Lilacs are in plump buds so I made up their sugar and set it out for early arrivals just 2 hours south of me it is so nice NH has had Michigan weather this year 🙂

        Thanks so much again for all the information!

    1. I swear they told each other about the sad lady who hated winter so they took up a spot here and cheered me up daily 🙂 and that was just black oil I went through 50 lbs or cracked corn and 25 of finch mix yes I am like that lady with 50 cats and buys nothing for herself lol now they will eat bugs here and pay ME BACK!

    1. Yes not going from winter right into summer that is for sure lol lots to do in cool weather 🙂 How are you?

  1. I don’t know how you accomplish all you do and still stay in touch with the blogging world. I am as delighted you are back as JT is, and that should give you a good idea of how you were missed. Great post. Wish you were here to transplant my forsythia! 🙂

    1. Be careful I go to VA a lot! lol

      I miss blogging friends but the trip took a lot out of me but in the end so very blessed by what I learned about myself 🙂

      My son is happy too you just can’t ask anymore in this dreadful place we live just to be happy with what you have health, love, peace within and friends like YOU XO

      I will try to do more writing as I do miss telling you all stories 🙂

  2. Pretty bird, a rosey finch or purple finch. I have one in the bush behind the apartment, nice song. We are having a late spring and apparently there is more snow coming. Just have to remind myself that it won’t stay.

    1. 😦 damn snow and others with too much rain oh how I wish could have the old days back 🙂 on so many fronts.

      Lousy shot with my small camera and wind blowing and no tripod as I lost most of the light for the day but such a pretty finch for sure

    1. You too Cathy

      I must write more stories from the past as life is pretty boring these days. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much I have a very boring life these days waiting on weather lol

      I must start telling more exciting stories maybe one photo with a story as I miss blogging but only so many hours in a day. Did you read my 100 hours in Ten days? I got sick on the 5th of April and finally better by the 11th then he was sick from me 😦 from just one surprise uncovered cough I ALWAYS COVER MY MOUTH 😦 so I felt bad on top of getting strength back. Then we had the bombings just 50 min. away so sad I pray May will grace us with much delight and beauty

      1. Haha, can’t blame the geese, though they have been leaving their big tracks all over the snow here for a month already. I have never seen this type of finch–will have to keep a lookout for them.

      2. 🙂 They are beauties 🙂

        I will try to capture better photos of them 🙂

        Yes our turkey are so glad the snow has melted 🙂

      3. Ha! We have wild turkeys here and they tend to race furtively through the yard when the weather is just a bit nicer than winter. I laugh because I just saw one a couple of days ago. No wonder turkeys are considered Thanksgiving and Easter food.

      4. Mine always show up on Thanksgiving as it is hunting season and they are safe here I like butterball lol

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