Could you say a little prayer for New England

What a horrible night.
Beautiful towns covered by swat teams, one of the bombers is now dead but so is a MIT school officer.

Long night of terror for many I pray it ends TODAY

Two angry men bombs, guns, grenades WHY

Makes you wonder why so many flee from their homelands and flock here. It is not the America I knew as a little girl and it is very sad.

Praying for the people just 50 miles from me and America as well.

All trains, buses shut down. Businesses now closed people told to stay in their basements pray for us that this will end without another life being taken.



No Taxis, autos, trucks everyone to stay in their homes and wait till he is caught.

He ran over his own brother when fleeing the shootout so no one is safe

This is CRAZY

Say prayers please one cop dead one injured is on in early 30’s and with a small infant 😦  so sad

Woman with infant now in police car being questioned girlfriend or sister.



Suspect bloody and in custody AMEN

15 thoughts on “Could you say a little prayer for New England

    1. Thank you very much this is so sad the deaths are senseless nothing gained by them then again is there ever a reason for loss of life.

      1. No reason, not like that, no.
        The Texan one is a little closer to home – it is a base product for his work as he works directly with explosives.

    1. Thanks so much so many angry people and so many in intense pain this sadly will not conclude with another death only answers and I am afraid we will never here WHY

    1. There seems to never be a good enough reason to answer the question WHY? Such sadness and uneasiness all around

    1. I agree and they were both into their own sports and friends makes no sense to have loss as we saw happen before our eyes just plain sickening there will never be a reason in my eyes for any loss of a life.

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