So very sad.

Such a beautiful day we had,  till this afternoon.

Sun was shining,  people from all over the world were running the Boston Marathon and the 26 miles of roadways were lined with happy cheering people.

Two bombs went off

A little eight year old has passed away before their life even began.

Tears shed by the world at large or those with hearts anyway.

The last mile was in memory for the children who were murdered in CT.

The poor first responders that were at the finish line  to help with fatigue after they had topped Heartbreak Hill and to give them a place to rest and fluids could not be ready for what took place here today.

What is wrong with the world today?

There are now armored personal carriers at our local hospital where I take Mom every 3 months for a check up I did a post on that pretty garden down the street from the same hospital  this is just simply another sad day in the history of the world and today was Boston’s turn.

Doctors are pulling ball bearings from people’s bodies.

A dirty bomb is used daily in many countries but this is Boston and it was gorgeous and just a perfect day for the runners.

In tears so sad saying prayers and sending out mad love to all those heroes that stopped the bleeding for so many to get them to help.

For those of you who live in countries where this has become so normal I am so sorry it is not what living is supposed to be like.

Please hug and love each other.

Lots of Meta going out to all




    1. Thanks Naomi so many of my doctors and nurses run it yearly just praying for those who were beside the 2 bombs that did go off 3 dead now 😦

  1. I had an email this morning from another blogger friend, saying omg etc there have been explosions. I have heard nothing about what was happening, till I read your post. Now we have heard over here, 12 dead? up to 150 injured??? What is this world coming too?? Thoughts and wishes to you and everyone from Australia, So, so sad and tragic. xxx

    1. I am happy to tell you just 3 have passed away and one just 8 years old. 100 injured 2 bombs went off full of ball bearings and other metal hospitals in lock down armed military personal at the doors.

      Thanks so much

      So many heroes there today


  2. Still finding it hard to believe that this happened in Boston! What a reward for those poor people who had spent 4 hours running for their charity. Understanding is impossible.

    1. I know it has been so sad here but the speech the president just gave here will bring many smiles back as we really are a beautiful loving city

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