Peas Are In

Sugar Snap Organic of course
Sugar Snap
Organic of course

I am almost over the cold I caught while being away  and the snow is gone and the rains have started so I put a coat on and finally  the Peas Are In. I can not wait till they are small and tender ones like above to use in my salads and stir-fry’s.    Do you like fresh peas?  I love Pea Soup as did my Dad and love them right off the plant.   I walked around with JT and checked out the plants I will offer on our Plant sale,  for the Garden Club  May 4.   I have some new Lilac shoots Forsythia too.  I have some Beach Plum type Rugosa  Roses popping up I could divide as well.  I have some perennials left in pots from last year a man in town donated from his yard for our fundraising efforts.  I called a few garden centers and will be picking up some annuals and perennials to round out our selection.  I really hope our town comes out and supports the 5 of us woman trying to make a difference in our towns appearance.  Please remember to support your locals be it a Garden Club or a local farmer and his farm stand.

So with the snow gone hopefully till this winter(I know it is New England and so many storms have laid over my Lilacs in full bloom)I will set about getting the yard ready for another EPIC Spring, Summer and Fall.    New focus and intentions fill my thoughts this year more than others. My honey has gone and accused me of being a HOMEBODY lol like that’s a BAD THING!  I worked all those years on the road and missed my home and he worked his whole life at a 15 hour a day job and came home drank beers and lived his life with his family,  now he wants FUN Filled days and NO BEER lol boy we have grown older.   I love travel don’t get me wrong but with so much I want done around here I will do it even if I am by myself  a lot I am OK with that.  I asked him to get the snow blower in the barn for the season and to take out the rider and get it ready for the lawn.  Sharpen blades, change oil and spark plug so she will get me through another season.  He likes mowing so if I am not too picky about when I want it done he will gladly do it but it is not a real lawn you know the kind with lots of chemicals thrown on top but if it is green and grows 3 to 4 inches tall and hold the soil  and keeps the dust down I am happy.  I only cut the lawn when rain is on its way look so pretty after and healthier.

While meditating I come up with some awesome thoughts.  Some random out of left field others I can use.  You all saw I started the house painting and I want to finish it this year but I had a thought I know scary if you know me I have a lot of ruined shingles where wet soil over 30 years up against the front of the house shingles so now I want to take those off and replace with new Cedar shingles only seal them after they age some like the ones along the coast here in New England.  So as I look at the front of the house to the left of the entrance way it will be dark Oxford brown as in the back but from area around the front door to the outer right edge where so man are nasty I thought about making it  pop with light new shingles.  Just my mind going crazy with thoughts of warmer weather to come and getting this place so she is good for another 15 years and doesn’t disintegrate.  I will show you as I tackle this he will do the hanging of the new ones for me and LESS PAINTING there actually is a method to my madness.  I also thought of painting the front and adding garden graphics on it who will see it besides you and me I live in the woods.

I have soil to get,  mulch too,  as I will remove my plants from the area of my berm and get them into an English Cottage type configuration away from grass and weeds with lots of sun, can you imagine the shots I can get of flowers and insects then.  I will plant some Forsythia, Roses and Lilacs and small Evergreens on the berm and it will act as a living fence along the edge of roadway and the property line,  between the two gates.  I am excited I can not wait I just pray this body will hold up since all work will be done with my hands  but with weight off and heart that is so happy now,  I want to show this place some love after all the years I suffered quietly in pain living here with the ex.  Time to LIVE and BE HAPPY!

Can’t wait to read what your places look like and what your plans this year hold you know I will have lots of posts doing more or less Show and Tell I garden with abandon not to show up in Better Homes and Gardens

Peace & Love

Be Happy

13 thoughts on “Peas Are In

  1. Hi Eunice, So pleased you are feeling well and happy. But don’t over do it with your garden. If you are like me once I start I go at it like a bull at a gate… so my other half tells me .Your plans sound exciting though. This weekend however my garden has been spoiled as I’m having to go onto mains water here in Crete. My flowers are covered with soil which has been dug out and thrown over everywhere ready to sink the pump underground. I’m hoping they will survive, the garden is a mess at the moment. Oh well these things have to be done.
    Take care and thanks for re blogs and likes.

    1. YUM! Got a new tuna noodle mix to try and it takes frozen ones 🙂

      How are you?

  2. Your plans sound wonderful. I hope you’ll post photos of your English Cottage type configuration. We bought the seeds of quite a few English Cottage type flowers and introduced them to our garden here in Italy. Some took and some didn’t!

    1. Oh you know I will be sure to blog about my going ons 🙂 when I get the dirt out from under my nails that is 🙂

      I will try to blog once a week or more if it is raining 🙂

  3. Dear Eunice,
    I’m glad you are feeling better. Isn’t it a good feeling to put in a garden? I have planted sugar snap peas on my garden deck. I still have a long way to go, but I look forward to getting down and dirty in the garden!

    1. It is the best way I know fir me to Welcome Spring lol
      work the earth with my hands too. I may grow a variety of lettuce in a pot with some herbs too patio tomatoes as well not that the garden is that far away 🙂

  4. You are the busiest person I know. And your plans are magnificent. I am inspired to go to our plant sale (usually in May) put on by the Master Gardeners. You are an inspiration to get thinking and get started. Thanks! 🙂

    1. lol that’s me busy busy rest rest ouch today I pulled all the potted plants that did not sell last fall to see if they were alive still and YES I see they are just popping up. We used to sell at the Memorial Day parade but it was too crazy now this day may be too early but will have lots of deals for them on plants that will come up year after year and add beauty to their yards. I have roses to pot, Lilacs and Forsythia too I will wait till sun is out an 10 degrees warmer. Always try to support your locals fresh and nicer to you 🙂

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