100 Hours in 10 Days

Well most of you know I went away, by myself,  on a journey.  Some may know the world of meditation sadly I was not one of them but maybe that was in the end  just what I needed to see for myself here at the Vispanna Meditation Center out on the Mohawk Trail,  in Western Massachusetts.

I was all packed on Monday for the trip I would start out on two weeks ago on a Wednesday afternoon.  The three of us drove together and when I arrived I was scared and in tears as I did not want to leave my family.  I figured it out I had not gone away by myself since I was on a scouting trip back when I was 16 or 17.  Having just had a birthday it is easy to figure out that was 40/41  years ago.   Wow as I write it down it somehow seems crazy but true.

I kissed them goodbye and told him to drive home safely.

As I stepped through the doors of the beautiful facility I was welcomed warmly.  I filled out a short form and went to talk with some others who had also arrived.  Some had been there before others were scared as I was.  When it is unknown we can find ways to worry can’t we.   We came from all walks of life as well as other countries.  We all had the same mission though to find peace within.

I went to my room with an  “Old Student” server and then I unpacked and made my bed with the sheets and blanket I was asked to bring from home.  The room was gorgeous.  The view I looked out upon was a pretty garden area  with small patches of snow here and there not the 3 and 4 foot snowbanks at home.

We were going to be served tea and a light meal of fruit and then meet in the Meditation Hall.  I had requested a chair for my back and knee and it and a floor cushion awaited me just inside,  along the wall.  There had to be 200+ men and woman who came to this room.  We were kept apart by just a row with no cushions.  The Men had a teacher and we had ours.  They would be the only ones we could speak to except for our assistant teacher when something important came up, remember this was a Silent Retreat.  We then heard a message from the man behind this all.  This type of meditation came through Buddha but so many different sects have branched off from this truer practice.

It was time for bed and I was once again all alone and missing home but wanting to be happy again, even more.

The days were laid out on a board over by the dining hall you always had a reminder of where you were supposed to be and what you should be doing  eating, sleeping or meditating.  A pretty bell would be rung at 4 AM to gently wake you then again 15 min. later a little louder to have you in the hall from 4:30  AM.     You could choose to stay in your room but the quiet of this huge hall in the early morning hours for me was so moving only when the distractions of coughing mediators got too loud for me did I decide to stay in my room and practice my lessons.

Breakfast at 6:30 AM  back in hall by 8:00 AM then lunch at 11:00 PM back to meditating 12:30 PM till 4 when tea was served with fruit oranges, apples and bananas.  We had 2% milk or soy choices as we were now eating pretty much a Vegetarian Diet.  After the night tea and fruit if you chose to eat it I think I may have had some 5 out of the 11 days there.  After the tea time we headed back into the beautiful hall and except for breaks we would be there till around 9:00 PM then head to our rooms for much need rest who knew how hard it would be to focus your thoughts not me but I can tell you each night I was drained.

The first four days I was at the center and sitting took a huge toll on my wrecked neck from the wreck I had been in and I never gave the neck a thought as my world had  gone ergonomic .  They did everything they could to make me comfortable so I could complete my course and for this I can not thank  them enough.

Day 4 was Easter and I was wanting home badly.  As I left my room and walked to the dining area I was met with an amazing sunrise yes many miles from the area I frequent and up in the woods but there it was. Purple and Pink filled the early morning view and I felt loved.  I ate what was offered had some tea and took a walk outside in the crisp morning air.

I took my Dad’s old coat as I headed for the hall with hopes of rolling it up to better support the neck and having lost Dad 9 years ago it made me feel his strength as it was a big part of who I really was.   I got situated and set about listening to my first true lesson in Vispanna Meditation.  I will never forget Easter Sunday 2013 what an amazing day!  I had such a peace engulf me while others panicked.  I guess I saw it as a true lesson and we would all have the same outcome for all the work we had put in but that is not how life seems to really work.

I will not share the whole course here as for those who want to experience it for themselves they should with no prejudgment from my experience.

Should you be in a place in life and wanting to feel alive and have a set of tools to deal with the reality of our world better go here to read about their mission, find centers and read the Code of Ethics.

Thank you to each and every one of you who had me in their prayers and thoughts I felt strength each time I was sure I would fail.  You are THE BEST FOLLOWERS!

Peace and Love to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart which is now filled with so much love for who I am.


If you decide to go get ahold of me and I will give you a list of other essentials you would be better off bringing I hope to give back by serving a group such as I was a part of we were amazing so strong and such a gift to have it just over 2 hours from me.

36 thoughts on “100 Hours in 10 Days

  1. Great story, I love retreats and no two have ever been alike for me. Some of the lessons I have “got” while there, some didn’t occur until some time later. Ether way, it is all good. Thanks for sharing and may you be blessed.

    1. Thanks so much Jane and I do feel so very blessed with having done this tough silent and no reading and writing retreat just worked on ME 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences at the meditation center. I would like to try that out some day. BTW, I suspect you were told or trained to also keep meditation as your daily routine it at your home as well.

    1. ll yes I came home with a very bad cold from all those who were sick and sharing as soon as I can feel my breath I will sit and do it morning and night This is a very nice safe place

    1. OH so much more to tell but I did not want to loose my followers 🙂

      Thanks for your support I will try to get on par for 1 blog a week from now on after I come in at night fingers filthy from the soil and I wash up and have supper then a story before I hit the pillow 🙂

      Missed you

  3. So hear is where you were my dear Eunice….I shouldn’t have worried about you. I should have known you have learned how to care for yourself.
    I am happy with what you did and welcome back my friend.

    1. Thank you Cindy very much. With so much upheaval of emotions in the last 5 years since meeting Mike it was just what the doctor ordered. He did his in CA in OCT told me about it in November I booked it right then and there for after my birthday and I came home to NO SNOW it was one of the hardest things I ever did but so worth each of the 100 hours of meditation I did now to get rid of this damn cold so I can get busy around here though it will rain on and off till weekend so rest I will get 🙂 Thanks again

  4. So glad you’re back – missed you Eunice! . Now you’ve done such a great thing and learned much from it, so I hope it has helped you. I tried meditation a few times, but found it wasn’t really my thing. Now you can get on with your garden and life again, refreshed. Did your doggie make a fuss of you when you got home? 😉 Hugs.

    1. Hi Cathy missed you too!

      Let’s start with JT they pulled in and she just stared at me actually backed up on the back seat of truck then again haircut before I left and loosing weight and her being so hurt didn’t surprise me lol so I asked Did you miss Mommy? Still nothing so I grabbed my camera from back seat and went to leave her there as I was off on a mission to see what I could capture as Ron walked around he had left at 4 AM for me and as I went to close door it dawned on her and she jumped out and ran for a stick for me to toss but I hugged her and told her I loved her and all was once again perfect.

      Weird thing is she will not leave with Ron to go out in the yard she sticks by my side going to make sure I do not run out on her again.

      Cathy this was HARDCORE MEDITATION but so moving and wonderful though I thought I should be in advanced class and it dragged on too long but then again I had never done it before and wanted to get home 🙂

      One benefit so far is I have been in contact with son as we filled each other in on our own experiences which were so totally different but in the end just perfectly the same HEALED and ready to live our very best life.

      Thanks for the support I needed to try and it was worth all I went through.

    1. JT was angry then she remembered she loved me so much just before I broke into tears 😦 Her and Daddy had some fun times together and they are now closer for which I am thankful as I came home so sick 🙂

      Thanks for your support Naomi

  5. Eunice! Welcome back! (oh, sorry, I was shouting). I’m so glad you are such an adventurous woman – you give us scardy-cats inspiration. You were missed, my dear.
    hugs to you-

    1. Thanks so much Sue I have missed you all so much. I was scared to death but I made it you could too but call for list of things you will need based upon what I know to be true 🙂

      1. thanks Eunice, but if I do a retreat, it’ll be a writer’s retreat… maybe somewhere in Ireland or along the rocky coast of Scotland.
        Hum… where did I put that credit card?

    1. Much better and you?

      I will try to do a blog a week and of course a poem on 20 lines too

      I miss everyone

      The retreat has helped greatly thanks for asking.


    1. It was hard but in the end it was perfect well except for this cold I brought back as as memory 🙂

      Thanks so much nice to be REALLY BACK

    1. OH it was tough but in the end both my son and I are once again close to whole again expect better things out of me now 🙂

    1. HUGS it was real hard like Mike told me but so worth ridding myself of all that was killing me 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the story I kept it short and sweet I can tell you more if you ever want to come up here and go 🙂

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