Life Goes On In New Hampshire



The days have been getting just a little warmer.  Really hard with all the snow not to have the refrigerator happening.

We worked two days on removing the last 11 inches from the driveway areas.  Never made it to the roof this time we were hurting too bad it

has been a very long winter.  Spring is almost here Robins searching for food in areas clean of snow and ducks as paired up and waiting for

us to pull out the beavers dam so they can lay their eggs.  I will wait till the eight of April to start my seeds it will be awhile before the safe

date of May 30th in my part of the country  for hard frosts to hit. I may get the peas in the yard  where snow has been removed or maybe in

a pot would work better.  I will grow potatoes in a bucket, celery in pots and lots of herbs in containers with a few flower seeds added to

make them prettier.  I have a lot of work a head of me.  I have half a house to finish getting the paint on and 3/4’s of the barn to finish.

I can not wait till it is completely done.


I also have lots of divisions in plants I have here on the property to start my English Garden.  We have set the date for our Garden Club

Plant Sale for May 4th usually it is May 30th but we will combine it with our yard sale to raise funds to place flowers throughout our town.

I am not good at fundraising well I have not done that sort of thing since selling Girl Scout cookies way back when.  I hate asking people for

money  the cookies well they got to eat those.  I am hoping the 4 other woman in our group who go shopping around town can pick up the

slack and do that part.  I am the secretary so I can do follow-ups., place ads and get the word out we are looking for donated items and

plants they may have that can be divided and sold to raise money.  We are hoping to get enough money to hang two huge flower pots from

the granite bridge downtown and to plant two more intersections with gorgeous color.


We are going to ask the local businesses for items to add to a table for raffles, gift certificates  or other creative ways to get their name as

supporters out there. We have hair salons, barber shops, flower shops, coffee shops, diners, gas stations which hopefully can do even a gift

of $10 or $15  that we can raffle and raise money for flowers.  Money is tight for everyone.  No one has extras these days.  We will do the

best we can to make our town look pretty for those who live here as well as for those just passing by.


Really isn’t much to say right now when I come back maybe there will be a story or two or maybe nothing at all.   I won’t know till the 7th of

April.   I will spend the next few days trying to catch up with all of your wonderful blogs.  I miss being here daily but there is not much to

share of late.  I set up the site to sell some prints and its own Facebook page so that can run itself now. I have the other blog for photos and

I will go through and delete all but the best in my eyes.   Time for changes to begin not only with me but my surroundings.  Make this place

comfortable and pretty, continue with getting healthy but taking more hikes with JT.  I will spend more time with a tripod sitting along the

coast and capturing the new day as she starts to come up at the horizon.  Life is good simple but good.  Hope all is well with all of you.


32 thoughts on “Life Goes On In New Hampshire

    1. Now to get it all DONE! First the snow must MELT but it is below 20 brrrr
      poor Robins

  1. By the time you get back spring will have arrived and you can get started in the garden. It’s really taking its time here- still cold and sleet showers. Haven’t been able to do any outside work as it’s so damp with a bitter cold north-east wind. Hope your retreat is wonderful – when are you heading out? Have a good weekend Eunice!

    1. Wow we had a few days of heavy snow then 50’s and some melting then 40’s F and 20’s in the evenings great for Maple Sugar to run to make that yummy New England treasure for pancakes 🙂

      I leave on Wed. can’t wait scary but if my son can do it I can as well. I will come back with new tools to live the rest of my life free from things that have weighed me down. I will always be grateful for him going first and sharing it with me far cry from where we were.

      Have an awesome weekend Cathy!
      Boy I will really have a lot of posts after 10 days away in a row hoping I can clean computers tomorrow to make them FLY once again 🙂

  2. Hi Eunice; You are so busy! I saw your photos on the website, good idea and I like how the website does all the work for you.I relate to the snow -we just got a foot but the main road is melted after the plow went through and down to pavement, with trickles of water forming puddles.I am sore from shovelling. Today is -14 celsius but spring is coming. I am sure you will do well with fund-raising. it all sounds like a good plan.Now if you are on retreat, do just that. you will figure it all out one day at a time.

    1. no books, cameras, phone etc. allowed just me my sheets and clothes oh and grooming supplies off to work on letting go 10 hrs a day meditation so 100 hrs of meditation I should get to the route of trouble and heal Thanks for the well wishes

    2. I am on on this hard journey I must face but being sent wth so much love I will remind myself each day it gets so hard I want to quit I will also remind myself of what my son just wrote to me how he wanted to quit every moment but didn’t 🙂 Just hope this old crippled body doesn’t fail me 🙂 Will miss you all.

      I will come home with lots of pretty photos for you to use on 20 Line if you need some

      1. Thanks so much it will be hard but so worth it in the end Spring will be upon us upon my return 🙂 Thanks so much!!!!

    1. I will miss you and the others know this but heard from my beautiful sun this morning which is sending me out on my journey a little wiser as to how hard this will be but HOW AWESOME IF I STICK IT OUT 🙂

      Being sent on a journey loved by so many will have me facing this as so many I already have

    1. OH how I know what you mean 🙂

      I am off for some very hardcore meditation in silence but maybe 200 others around me the thing that will get me out the other side is my dog and FLOWERS 🙂

      See you in April!

  3. Hi Eunice, Wow, it is really cold there. We are having temperatures into the high 70s, low 80s right now. And it is fairly cool. Vince has put in a beautiful garden, and soon we will be enjoying the vegetables from this labor. I have missed you recently! I’ve been really busy, too, and I’m trying to organize so that blogging will be somewhat easier to get to my favorite blogs at least. Have a great week! Don’t be a stranger!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks honey I have just returned from a 10 day silent retreat and I too am thinking of a weekly blog as from this point on lots will change in my life now that the worst of winter has passed 60 today 30 tonight and 70 tomorrow! Good thing as I have 10 days of dirty clothes to wash and hang out on the line then power wash the next section of the house I can now paint as the 4′ snowbanks are gone lol

      Miss you too

      1. Lots to do all the time! Were you totally silent for 10 days. That would be torture after the first day or so. Could you write or communicate in any way?

        Enjoy the laundry. Go read Ralph’s blog about laundry. It’s hilarious! Then enjoy your own!

      2. really 11 days no speaking, no writing no music, no reading no world no electronics of any kind never heard a phone ring 🙂

        I did sheets, darks and whites and still have towels and one more load of dark clothes and I came home sickly so I am chilling with 60 degrees here and winds so cloths dried nicely thanks I need some humor I will be sure to check it out 🙂

      3. No sickness came from the people who attended who did not have the common courtesy to cough into their elbow lol

        I went to this place to begin to feel real joy deep down in my soul as I had been weighed down by so much misery I had buried myself in. To be mindful of how important my happiness is first and foremost lots of my past I held onto for too long and let it begin to change who I really am. I have a new set of tools and a way to go through each day living and lovin lol FOR REAL! Blogging today unless the rains stop lol then time to plant lettuce and peas oh pansies too as it is sort of getting more springlike here harly any snow piles left 🙂 Thanks for asking xo

    1. I was away for a month mind wise then 12 at the retreat now trying to get back in the swing of things in between life as soon time to garden I put in peas yesterday and today rain, sleet and snow fell lol

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

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