Playing With My On Line Prints

Well you probably all know by now I have a Portfolio Blog for my photography.  As I pass out my business cards they have the link to that blog printed on them.  My hope some day is to fill a niche out there.  After being online with  my photography and selling some I see what competition is like.  They add weird colors,  do things I have never seen before,  guess I don’t get out much, lol.  I am glad I am there and have met some nice artist’s,  who said we were all dark and moody.  I have been accepted as well as some nice comments like you leave me.
All I want to know is if my pieces are nice to look at even if they are just on a single card.  Isn’t it what we are all about being accepted for us.

So I have been doing some small things to my pieces with hopes of being seen amongst  the 140,000+ others that use that Fine Art America site.  Yes I use TAGS like I learned to here to find you all on my list of beloved bloggers. I have loaded my galleries online with hopes that while I am away I have another sale or two.  Site cost  has been covered so it is all gravy except for the hours it takes to promote one’s self.  So that is where I spend a few hours a day straightening up photos, adding into galleries, entering competitions for fun where others from FAA  and the outside world casts a vote on what they like again 300 to 500 sign up for contests I see it as a rat race as you writer’s and photographers already know.  I am a trucker through and through that I do know how to do.

So today I took a photo from this winter at the beach and added it

lg hampton gull

Then I played with it to give it a different look


In Black and White with funky dark edges

Now I did this all in the name of sales,  giving them choices of an image  and I am sure some like B&W’s but me I love my world in COLOR lots of it but it has been a winter from hell lots of snow and horribly cold like the day I took the photo of this poor gull holding on for dear life. I promised I would get out there and play this winter and in between shoveling JT and I took lots of walks while Daddy was busy finding treasure.


Funny how this all came to be isn’t it I love this winding journey I have been on.  First finding Ron after over 35 years apart then my child then all of you starting just last Memorial Day.


You all are the best I have so many awards from you and more yet to post on I hope to do another post just on them before I head out

So back to the photos which one do you like?  I say I should post only ones I adore and if there is no market I am not out of money as I had sales to cover the $30 year fee.

Love you all

22 thoughts on “Playing With My On Line Prints

  1. Nothing like being decisive, is there Eunice? I went for the colour, of course, but when I looked at the B&W in close up I decided that it was wonderfully moody. So now I’m not sure.
    I don’t know how people manage to sell prints. Not that I’ve ever tried but there are so many photographers out there, and some of them really excellent. No, I’m not too fussy on HDR and all this playing with stuff, but I suppose we should applaud creativity and change?
    Enjoy your silence. When I think of all the thinking you could do I almost explode.

  2. You have enough here for a few posts-many topics but I want to comment on the photos as that is the title and you started with this topic and got back to it at the end. It is nice to be accepted, even encouraged, I agree. It sounds like you are open to comments and I am thinking about your photos and for a vignette would zoom right into the gull and have soft vignetting around it . Love the colours of the sky and ocean , I see that you are using the rules of thirds vertically but not horizontally. If that gull was in the power spot horizontally , that photo would really have some punch. I always have to ask myself , “What was it that caught my eye and is it being expressed in the photo?” ” What is the focus point?” I myself am learning and getting more photos than snapshots IF I pay attention. I also ask myself WHY do I like this and is that enough to make a good photo? It helps to watch the pros and see what works, and why. This is only my opinion so take what you want and leave the rest.I think you have something here and wish you well in your endeavors.

    1. Thanks Jane I never took a class I just see and shoot never knew about 1/3 ‘s lol just in this last year found out a close-up was a Macro lol

      When I come back I will see which path I want to travel, trucking again, school for photography or do more jewelry.

      I am glad I sold some shots in that market it is nuts I may pick 4 or 5 and hang locally to get feedback I like feedback but most of what professional say goes over my head like composition, field of something I really do not know nor did I know I could do with that gull what I did in Picassa I do not even have light room or photoshop 🙂 computer is too slow to try something else 🙂 I must pay more attention

      1. the rule of thirds – just divde the photos into thirds from top to bottom and from left to right so you will have two horizontal lines and two vertical. Where they cross are the power points. If you google the expression or look it up here you will find it. Picassa is good, that is what I used for some time.Have fun ! Jane

  3. Hi Eunice – i really like them both! (Sorry – I’m no good at making decisions! 😉 )
    Have a good week, and don’t worry about TJ – when you get back from your retreat you’ll have plenty of chances to make up for lost time with her!

    1. 🙂 but will she still love me 🙂 Thanks I am not good deciding either you should see me in a bead shop lol

  4. WOW! Both are gorgeous! I love them both. I can’t decide. The black and white one is special because it makes the bird really stand out and it’s so different. But the one in color is brilliant and clean and so very very beautiful. Your work is amazing Eunice.

    1. Thanks my friendly cheerleader 🙂 I am an amateur who takes too many snapshots but some look awesome on cards so with my sales covering the $30 I will play till next year 🙂 Heck I have enough in galleries to last a lifetime 🙂

      Thanks so much for LIKING them xo

  5. Hi Eunice, I too like the coloured one best.However, I have to say I do like black and white pics if they are clear and sharp. Good luck with your sales and enjoy your time away.Your pets will love you when you return I know. I had to leave my dog for almost a month when my sister was seriously ill. Ben,thats his name greeted me on my return with a rush that almost knocked me down and a tail which was going round and round. When we got him home he just raced around the garden peed up the tree and ran back into my arms. Yours will do the same so don’t worry, just enjoy.

    1. Awe thanks so much for that you made me smile and thanks on the B&W I have some tack sharp ones without the added stuff on them just been playing Thanks so much again for everything.

  6. I like the color one best…er, no…the black and white…wait..the color…or maybe…harumph! I can’t choose – they’re both great in their own way!

    1. Thanks Cindy none of your posts show in reader then WP says they took over GOOGLE reader so I am hunting for each and everyone of you lovely bloggers and all your recent posts 🙂

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