We Have Been Spending Time Here



Trying to catch up on so much before I say good-bye.

Have clothes ready.

Trying to set up online store so prints can continue to sell without me.

Getting home ready to walk away is hard.

JT and I try to walk together three days a week a slow winters walk by the sea is always nice.

I will miss her so much her daddy and the cat too of course but they will not sit by the door and whine.

A friend offered to come walk her but Ron said he will do lots of things outside with her by his side.

I have left the cat before and  him but they know I will be back.  I have always had this little black

and white dog at my side funny how important they become in one’s heart.  My son when he did this

10 day retreat had to leave his pup too,  he said it was hard but he left her with friends and that JT was in good hands and

to go heal myself.

I will try to catch up on all the blogs I follow between now and the end of the month.

I hope you are all healthy and strong and waiting on Spring to arrive like me.


Miss you all


13 thoughts on “We Have Been Spending Time Here

  1. My dearest Eunice – I hear the sadness and the hope – and share the feelings of dread of losing you for even 10 days! Still, I can’t wait to see what you share when you return. You are a dear one – please know I’ll be thinking of you and sending you a hug every day!
    Be well-

    1. That will help me get through all of this that needs to be addressed next week I practice the hours I shall keep then following week I head out towards the Mohawk trail to get it all sorted out
      I am strong been through hell this will be the end of all of that I am certain maybe 10 more pounds off too lol no coffee good grief

      Thanks again for your thoughts and wishes I will miss you and the others so much
      and yes there will be a story or two hell maybe another book 🙂

    1. I know Carolyn I am scared of the unknown about meditation but been through so much rough stuff I should come through the other end with flying colors with all of you beautiful people who have my back xo thanks so much can’t wait to get there in End of March 🙂

    1. I will miss you too her and I were always going to be the deal breaker but on a good point maybe she will be the better not having to watch me at my heels all the time she can rest with daddy on the couch and go for rides. I am sure I am making it worse in my head which is why I must go 🙂

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