Monarch butterflies in trouble

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This video is called Complete Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly.

From Wildlife Extra:

Monarch butterfly numbers decline again

Drought conditions and historic wildfires lead to more decline

March 2013. Bad news again for the Monarch butterfly: Drought conditions and historic wildfires the past few years continue to decrease their numbers as they wing across Texas this spring. Worse news: milkweed plants – the only kind they need to survive – are also not in plentiful supply, says a Texas A&M University Monarch watcher.

Craig Wilson, a senior research associate in the Center for Mathematics and Science Education and a longtime butterfly enthusiast, says reports coming from Mexico where the Monarchs have their breeding grounds show their numbers are significantly down, a disturbing trend during much of the past decade.

Wilson explains “The severe drought in Texas and much of the Southwest continues to wreak havoc with the…

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7 thoughts on “Monarch butterflies in trouble

  1. actually sited a couple in Alberta this year-very unusual.Used to see them a lot in Ontario, Canada when I was growing up..Enjoyed the video and hope the climate changes again.

    1. Thanks I had hoards of them last year hope to care for them again if the pick me 🙂 thanks saw it on a blog I followed and re-blogged for the love of nature

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