The Beach Is A Mess

Well last night we lost an hour of sleep due to our moving our clocks ahead in spring as we do here in New Hampshire for Daylight Savings Time.  I went to bed early after being at the beach.  Yes a perfect day in the mid 40’s.  It was a very Messy Beach and some lost their homes.  I am not sure if you caught it on your news as I never know if AP news will broadcast things that happen here, all over the world.

You know I will keep you up on the stories in the news throughout New England well at least when it comes to storms and flooding.


JT and I walked along the shoreline for exercise and play while her daddy searched for treasure.  I left her Frisbee in the truck and grabbed a stick we keep for windy days.  I knew she would want to jump waves if we played with her favorite toy but today was not a day to be playing in the sea.


The waves were strong and very powerful.  One after another slammed into the coastline.  Remember we go when the tide is heading out.  He only hunts low tides and I hunt the beaches when people have just left from a day of beach going and I never go down to the water with my machine.  This is winter though in New England and we had an enormous coastal storm.  It was very far out to sea but we still got nailed by it.  The beach had 3 days easy of seas with 20 foot plus seas.  It slammed into sea walls and busted them again.  Roads were closed due to rock and four feet of water in some sections where the beach breached an area where the state has determined  a pretty coastal route would be.  Mother Nature has a funny way of taking back what always should have been a place of give and take.  I never really think to add video to these lengthy posts but if you want to go to the web to look here are a few local news stations where you can see it in action.

So as we walked the dog and I we met others who were shocked by what they saw had taken place with yet another storm.  The dunes which help to keep the water from homes and businesses were just about gone.  They were huge.  They were tall with pretty grasses holding them together.  They had been a part of our lives forever if you grew up in New England.  We were not allowed to ride dune buggies on them they were not for fun.  They were to protect us and a place for wild birds to make their nests.  Where would they go now?  Tax money spent over and over to fix the beach.  We have people who flock here from Canada and other parts of the world will they still come?  I am sad people once again lost their homes.  Yes they were silly to want to build by the sea but she is so beautiful on most days. Look at other beaches.  Huge hotel chains line the beach in Virginia, Florida too.  Everyone wants to get close to the sea.  These past thirty eight years I can remember,  spending so much time visiting them  have seen so much change.



When sand was washed out to sea dunes collapsed  and drainage pipes show up I guess filthy storm drain water screened through all the sand was supposed to be OK for the oceans now with rain coming and it will fall for days where will it go besides straight into our ocean that feeds us. So very sad.




Foundations showing up from buildings long ago gone.  I used to go to the one that stood here beside the sea.  The Frolics was famous for music, and  drinks.  Many years ago there had even been a huge swimming pool alongside this beach.  Salisbury Beach have you ever been.  It used to be a fun place to go not so much anymore well unless you are a dog with a great Mom and Dad.



She really wants to run time to let her off leash for a few minutes while I show you some of what we saw at the beach that was a mess.





That is JT’s Dad hunting the beach





Last one for this post

See the metal stakes?

The dunes came out this far and a wooden fence was attached to these all along the shoreline to KEEP PEOPLE OFF THEM but no one told the Sea to  STAY AWAY.






23 thoughts on “The Beach Is A Mess

  1. One thing that always concerns me is people who live very close to the beach line. I am afraid that they will be washed out one of these days.

    1. The next post is about 4 homes that succumbed to the sea this storm they were safe but their homes now gone so sad.

  2. Wow – what a mess, indeed. I can’t believe we didn’t even hear about this storm – guess because it wasn’t affecting Vermont. Sad about the homes and the beach but you’re right – the sea will take what it wants and who are we to complain?
    Beautiful photos, Eunice.
    hugs –

  3. Wow ! What an horrendous storm Eunice. The beaches here are bad after the high winds we have can’t believe there is any sand there at all during the winter.Huge rocks and very large pebbles are all you can see.The beaches are now being cleaned ready for the tourists who would not believe what a mess it had been. I always feel sorry for people who live right near the sea who lose their homes. Mother nature is a bitch at times isn’tshe.

    1. She sure is! I think she is pissed off 🙂

      Yes I am sure beaches will be fixed for our tourists too $$$$ lost if they don’t but I do not think homes will be allowed to re-build 😦 One of the big dance and music bars today were told it may have to be removed as well no longer safe

  4. It is so sad the destruction that the waters and storms have caused. I guess we humans should listen and start building somewhere on higher ground.

    1. but not too high or a mud slide will kill us the world’s weather is NUTS!!!!

  5. Oh the beach is so eerie this way Eunice, and so sad. But I’m glad JT got a run and didn’t try going for a swim in that wild surf!

    1. Thanks you and me both glad you finally got your power back on we know how you felt we did two 7 day power outages with not back up generator

      1. LOL you are right or I could be running a semi truck at 70 across the nations highways I am so blessed I am soon to care for that heart of mine can’t wait

    1. I know 40 houses will eventually be knocked down on the island area here in northern ma 😦 the ocean is rising and beaches built on the shore like MD,NY and NJ will all be gone. Katrina changed the south I hardly watch the news so much doom and gloom
      Have a great St Patrick’s Day

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