I have seen signs of SPRING

I have seen signs of spring but mostly they have been in the blogs I follow and finally caught up with today.

It has been a busy week.

I turned another year older and 10 years wiser.

I had all my long hair cut off, before going to see my Mom for the meal she prepared,  in celebration of my birthday .

It was time,  it had gotten long and dried out with all the high lightening over the years and it was just not me any longer.  I needed a wash and go look not the wash and clip up look I had been rocking for over a year and a half, even my hairdresser  who lost her business to a fire, had found a place to work so that was not my excuse.  I had no excuse except being lazy and holding on to hair that no longer did a thing for me,  I guess you could say a RUT, a really deep one.

So knowing I would be heading south to spend the day with Mom and stylist having just gone back into her shop all shiny and new,  I asked if she had an opening early and she did,  she made it for me by starting work early.  I was one of her first steady customers when she came out of school in the mid 80’s.  I used to pull up in a rig and jump out run in for a wash, cut and blow dry then back later for high-light. Well Tuesday was different I hugged her while boyfriend and dog waited in truck and she washed my hair and then I said words I never had before MAKE IT SHORT and NO high Lights I am too old.  She assured me I was not but got the scissors out  and proceeded to rid my head of all those dried out locks.  It was half way down my back,  so I know it will grow back but now being 57 and looking forward to showing my art,  it was time not to appear to be a hippie.

The work was done,  there was a huge pile on the new wooden floor.  She had cut lots of layers all over my head as I have straight and fine hair so now I could blow dry on a round brush and then add curls with the small iron for lots of tight curls or the fat curling iron for some pretty bouncy curls.  I may even use my old curlers now and then.

Now just picture this I was always a blonde then I added more blonde highlights and now that they are all gone.  I am no longer going to be called Blondie maybe just  Eunice,  for a change.    I missed weigh-in on Tuesday but maybe down even more ounces without the extra length.  I am not used to having real short hair.   I did have a Twiggy Haircut back when Laugh-In was a big deal as was she.  From the days when Charlie’s Angels hit the TV with Farah my hair has always been just like hers,  it fit me.   Now that is a VERY DEEP RUT hey, lol.


So Ron was great with it for a man he is cool he knows I just want a fresh start and it can grow a little longer and still look pretty. Now I  was off to see what Mom would say.  I hugged her when I went into the house I grew up in, no coat on and friendly dog at my heel and she never noticed.  After I made a cup of coffee and helped her make some moves on her Words With Friends, yes she is now on Facebook, I asked “so do you like my hair?”  She looks at me and says what did you do to it then says OH, OH I like it what color is that?  I said my own to which she reminds me it was always pretty till I messed with it in the mid 70’s.  So then she says you have a rinse in it though right to cover the gray.  I burst out laughing and said no Mom 57 and no gray yet.  She has had beautiful white hair since she was 50!  I reminded  her she raised us four brats and I had dogs and  not back talking children.  When I left I think she still thought I had colored it my color I was when I was 18.  Now my hairdresser took photos and never got to me in time for this post and for that I am sorry and one I took in mirror I do not think is good enough but I did add it even though I know it could cause me to really lose my wonderful followers.’  I did add the photos as it would not be my blog without them.




Nope this was 3 years ago highlighted  leaving Farrah behind




Nope not this one either. This was 5 years ago when  I did my hair the night before I took this photo,  with strips of a brown paper bag, like back in the day when I used rags to roll my waist length hair up on the ends just to make it pretty when in a pony tail.




Yes me above now down 70+ pounds and I want another  70 or 80 off but no longer can I hide behind the HAIR  I know I should have smiled pretty but I was worried about all those wrinkles  and the shower curtain, etc. behind me so I cropped all I could out sorry but I must say I feel liberated bathroom shot and all!


Now for the CAKE!



Mom may be 77 but she still can make a beautiful ROSE and yummy cake maybe I will miss next weeks weigh in as well oh no wait I won’t have to there is SNOW TO SHOVEL as the storm is no upon us!

Now to get back to the POST Name

I hear the sounds of spring in the birds voices.

I see birds arriving that stay further south wait you got as much snow as we did last storm but really we are now seeing chipmunks and mom had greens tall ones for her Daffodils already up so certainly it will arrive soon as this bout of 6 inches melts and the other 12 inches follows suit and the huge snow bank under the Apple tree well she will bear fruit like crazy with no water shortage!


It was so nice to sit with my feet up and read your blogs well the ones I got to and to sit with you and let you know all is good I am getting so excited to start out fresh and full of  joy and a light heart,  head too.

Love you all and miss you too

Susan  B. still no blog listed on  my list for you 😦 HUGS I will locate you here or there though.



From my beautiful snow-covered NH home to yours we shall talk soon!







23 thoughts on “I have seen signs of SPRING

  1. It was wondeful to finally see your face !! I am happy you got a hair cut you love. I am in the same rut you were in. Long down my back for twenty years, but I have gray , lol !!! One of these days I will be brave and give another hair style a try !! Maybe once I lose the hundred plus pounds I am working on !!!

    1. Boy we have great lives and lovers don’t we 🙂 they run in the rut we leave behind us I am sorry I thought you were on my face book where all my many views of me have appeared 🙂 My hair looks better today Ron said as I did it myself this the man who never asked are you going to do something with that HAIR lol

    2. Now I love longer hair but it will grow quick with no longer breaking off though I do love the color those these photos do it no justice 🙂

  2. What a lovely post Eunice! I love your hair – how lucky you are to have no grey! (Mine is “highlighted” with grey now! LOL!) And the cake looks great too! Glad you had a nice day. Take care. Hugs! 😀

    1. Thanks Cathy hairdresser just Facebook’d them over to me oh well mine will do 🙂

      Thanks cake was delish surprised she even attempted with crippled hands guess she really does love me 🙂

      I used to put a pretty grey rinse that came in a tall gray bottle just to make my real hair shimmer and not be dirty blonde 🙂

    1. Thanks It will be in the 40’s F and 50’s F this weekend in NH like real spring but we can get more snow up until May not that it sticks around much so by the time I get home from retreat flowers will be popping their heads out of the soil I made it through a winter happier than ever and it is because of bloggers like you and the others

  3. Happy Birthday! And is wonderful to see your beautiful face and hair!

    1. Thanks honey I change so ofter at my journey continues there will be more food posts and photos of me 🙂

  4. Finally, I get to see the wonderful person that gives me all those hugs! I love the cut and am completely jealous that you don’t have to dye your hair (that’s my project for the weekend – pesky gray). And I’ve come to a realization about wrinkles – they are earned. I have to resolve how I see myself inside with what stares back at me in the mirror. I am who I am – my age shows when I smile (I’m only 7 years younger than you, dear). At least let them be laugh lines – right? Happy birthday – and I’m so glad you shared.

    1. Thanks Sue! I am glad I did too can’t wait till I hit goal on ww I want to kick butt like Jennifer Hudson 🙂 yes mine are smile lines from laughing even when life was not truly funny in the least 🙂 OH and I smoked for 10 years but that was so very long ago but now the sun we go way back with Farrah’s do and baby oil and iodine I was always baking up along Hampton’s North Beach but life was good back then so dry wrinkled skin will be me but when I go I will slide into home having made the very best out of what I had.

      Thanks for my birthday wishes XO
      Let’s go take photos one day this summer while he digs for gold in VT 🙂

      1. Life leads a trail – and what’s wrong with that! At least you’ve quit smoking (congrats by the way) and have lost weight (double congrats) and you have a wonderful attitude.
        As to the meet this summer – YES!

  5. Hi Eunice, One has to be really brave to have their hair cut short after it being so long for years.Or like me,when I get fedup I do this on the spur of the moment. Like your moms hair, mine is almost white and I will probably get it cut shorter next week when in the mood.Anyway nice to meet you, you look great, and I hope you had a very happy birthday.

    1. Thanks Rita my Mom said her or Ron could have taken the photo and then got me to smile 🙂 It is only hair and it was nasty enough to let go 🙂
      It was never down much kept it in a plastic hair clip that was so not me 🙂 funny the habits we get into and hold onto with weigh loss dropping a pound each week maybe a year from now I will be close to goal it is what I want and 10 day retreat on only tofu and veggies I will drop 5 or more 🙂

    1. Just got back and almost all of my 3’foot high snow banks are gone time to get peas and lettuce in here in NH LOVE SPRING a time of RE-Birth ENJOY!!!

  6. I always feel so much better after a haircut. Wow, your mom made that cake with the rose and all? It (and you) look fabulous! I just found you on Pinterest via the side widget here and am now following you there too. Happy belated birthday!

    1. Thanks so much for the Follow and yes been 30 years since she made me a birthday cake 🙂 I was a very busy lady she is 77 and used to teach her art :)Thanks for saying so about photo really not actually good I do have a post somewhere that shows the many ME’s lol under stories I wrote I am sure but there is over 500+ to wade through 🙂

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