We Have Been Walking The Beach

Hi Everyone the three of us have been trying to get out and walk in between snow storms.  We have gone when he goes detecting and he even found more rings.  I lost a few more pounds  but going to Mom’s and she is baking me a cake for my birthday and also has a New England Boiled Dinner is  on the menu for us.  I am blessed to still have her to celebrate with.

I am starting my day off early by getting my haircut,  it is long and always in my face and lately it spends more time up in a clip so now is the time for a change to go with all the  weight loss.  Another year older and still on track to be a better healthier me.  I love reading your blogs when I can get the reader to work.   I am trying to follow you by email so bear with me.  I have placed  almost 400 photos for sale on-line and now as I get ready to go on my 10 day silent retreat I hope I come back  to lots of sales.  I will miss you all when I am gone as much as my dog and family, you bring me much joy in your posts.  I miss doing two a day but as my followers rose in numbers it was hard to keep up but when I come back to it in April , I will be lighter in my heart and body,  they won’t feed us much.  Water and maybe breakfast and a lunch but no supper just tea and fruit at 4 PM them meditate till 9:30 PM we will start each day in meditation at 4 AM.  My son suggested I jump right in the deep end!  So with him having done it to heal his hurt and pain I am looking forward to my gift to myself.  You know I will tell you all about it!

So let me show you what we have been doing while we wait for the next shoe to fall, MORE SNOW!


Surf was wild and dirty


Yes that is a pile of thick foam



What a knucklehead I yell for her to watch out but the FRISBEE  in my hand she is not moving till I threw it .   I don’t think she saw this heading at her.



Look at her she is covered with the filthy foam, she was not happy when I said she would need a bath.  I am a bad Mommy to but her in tub with Luke Warm Water with pretty smelling soap but she will jump in the filthy sea of FOAM.



Her last catch time to get Daddy’s truck dirty.

Hope to touch base with you  soon

Miss you


29 thoughts on “We Have Been Walking The Beach

    1. Not for a few more weeks by then I will be here in full swing only to disappear for some Noble Silence

    1. Yes you would think she would have been but she could care less 😦 too focused she is on the game and me 😦 she will soon be a dog with no master to please she will just hang around with Daddy 🙂 She is such a beautiful girl always watching the space around me 🙂

  1. That foam really does look horrible, but I’m not surprised after all those storms you’ve been having. I hope you enjoy your birthday cake – treat yourself as you’re bound to lose weight on the retreat – look forward to hearing all about that. Take care, Eunice. 😀

    1. Thanks so much Cathy Today Mom’s then 2 weigh-ins and I’m off! 🙂 You know there was some huge failure at a sewage plant less then an hours drive down by Boston wonder if that may have been a problem 😦

      I will loose LOTS of weight there just some won’t show on scale lol maybe I will feel less like packing it all back on 🙂

    1. I don’t leave till end of month but I will try to wake each day at 4 and go to bed at 9:30 she is a knucklehead 🙂
      Thanks so much XO

  2. Your retreat sounds gruelling but exhilarating at the same time. I’m not sure I could sleep without something in my belly! I do hope it goes well for you.

    1. God I do too 🙂 I have it on good authority it will take me to the depths of hell and then back to joy I better make sure I buckle up for a wild ride but I am tough I drove a semi truck for over 2 mil miles it is sitting 10 hrs in mediation that will take it’s toll on back and legs but missing my pup will be the worst 😦 Ron he can use a break from me and see how much I DO lol

      Thanks for your well wishes what a story I will have to tell after no speaking for 10 days lol

  3. Beautiful photos, Eunice! And lovelier words – I hope this retreat is the beginning for you – that it’ll bring healing and peace that’ll carry into your future. And please, stop teasing us with all this “cutting my hair stuff cause I lost weight” and SHOW US A PICTURE OF YOU!!!!!
    hugs my friend (and if I can share my wrinkled mug, you can, too)

    1. OMG I will be doing a YOU TUBE VIDEO and I will need VOTERS lol I did get it all cut off still have lots to reach goal but that retreat will take care of 20 of that 🙂 OMG I got to Mom’s she never said a word so I asked do you like my haircut? She said where is your highlights I laughed and said they were in a pile till she swept them into a machine that made them HISTORY then she says Don’t you have any Grey hair? I laughed and said no Mom you raised 4 kids lol she was white by 50 🙂 she couldn’t believe I had none it was a FUN DAY lots of smiles and laughter 🙂 I will let you know when video is up 🙂

      1. Happy birthday, girlfriend! I’m so glad you had a great day and don’t have any gray hair! Me? Not so lucky – been “hiding the gray” for more than 10 years! And please, let me know when that video is ready!!!!!! sending a hug every day…

  4. No speaking for 10 days! I’m speechless, Eunice. You’re such a lovely follower. Still, it’s all in a good cause.
    Know what you mean about the Reader. It can be a trial at times!

    1. 🙂 10 days of Noble Silence they say I will come back profoundly changed 🙂

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