BBKA module 6: honeybee behaviour 6.7 the foraging bee

Plant flowers for our bees, 🙂

Mrs Apis Mellifera

Tiger-bee! Orange and stripy!

‘On a warm, sunny April day a honeybee is attracted to a patch of bluebells. She – for almost all bees are female – is on a mission, and knows that she is close to her goal. She delicately clambers over the petals, as comfortable upside down as she is right way up, her legs working in unison. She pokes her head inside a trumpet-shaped bloom, searching for the sweet, sugary nectar.

‘Grasping the petal’s side, her legs force her head deep inside the flower, until her long tongue can get to the liquid. Once the tiny drop is all gone, she will move onto the next flower, and the next until she is full.’
A World Without Bees
by Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum

Almost every honeybee seen foraging on a flower in spring and summer is a female worker bee in the second half of her 30–35 day…

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