Another Storm Brewing



I took this photo yesterday along the river but facing out to sea.  It was beautiful over here, less wind then when JT and I tried to join her daddy on the ocean side, man was it cold and a very brisk wind.  Cold we can take but that constant wind is not good and I am bundled up, well  all but my weather-beaten face and to protect her from the harsh elements I have gone through my whole life,  we walked over here to take shelter from the storm that was brewing.

What a deceiving day.  It was so pretty to look at.  Made me what to shower and get dressed and head out with him.  I was down another two pounds on Tuesday weigh-in so I wanted to keep up the hard work.  Funny you see something working even if it causes pain I am the type that has always been tough and just pushed through it.  I am not saying it is smart , just saying more about who I am.

I have one month left before I leave and want to take in all my world has to offer.  I want to walk and spend time with them.  I will miss the three of them,  who share this home with me.  My son said he missed his pup but knowing she was with friends allowed him to take on the challenge himself so I will let go and trust.  JT loves me as much as Mike’s dog adores him but Mike does spend time during the day without his girl and JT is always beside me lol I am her person.  She watches over me and protects me even when I am not in danger so maybe after she gets over missing me for first few days she will become a dog again.   Something tells me we will be like that commercial that runs here,  of the lady coming back from war with her huge dog greeting her on the ground covering her with kisses, will also be played out here,  hell being on the floor meditating for 10 days 14 hours a day will have the ground being normal for me.  Wish me luck!  lol


OK back to the REAL STORM BREWING this morning I woke to a weather report saying maybe we would miss a big snowstorm Thank You for listening to my prayers this time now they say just three to four inches but wet snow this time.  JT loves catching snowballs she will be so happy.  Now I will show you a few photos from the river as the sea.  They are not my best and I am sorry I was freezing and will blame them on the wind!

Now look at the next pictures don’t them make it seem like it is just a beautiful day to SUNTAN


Not a care in the world.


A Loner lol no room for anyone else on this ones beach.


OK want to see some more again sorry shaking too much for really pretty ones but I am sure you will love them.



Now the mighty Atlantic Ocean was really churning and so frothy.  The storm was still a twelve-hour ride away down in Virginia.   So I really thought we would be getting another NEMO like storm.  Looks can be deceiving right beautiful blue sky pretty colorful sea. BRRRRRRR



Wind blown JT waits for me to throw a hefty stick to her.  No FRISBEE in these winds.



Well you can see she is tiring of me and my photos time to go for a walk






Have a nice weekend


15 thoughts on “Another Storm Brewing

    1. awe thanks for humoring me I always enlarge to see at what % they stay clear at and so many from yesterday were junk in my mind I never use a tripod though yesterday it would have blown over 🙂

    1. OH do I remember those pieces of lands from trucking days you could see you swore to the next state Love it out there but I would miss the sea I do not know how my child could live in WY he went for love of snow but he is 36 now he has to have aches and pains by now 🙂 he lived close to the beach just 20 min from me

  1. Eunice – as always – what lovely pics! As to JT missing you, it’s harder because they don’t understand. It’s not like a person that knows you’re coming back. The difference is, JT will be quicker to forgive than a human would! I wish you well and warmth my friend. I think of you often, though I don’t have the chance to swing by as much as I’d like.
    hugs to you-

    1. I have time but I still am not getting your emails 😦 I follow you and it say immediate notifications but nada 😦 I did re-blog and shared your story for those on my list who do not know you and for me to FIND YOU 🙂 dam wp my new portfolio gets like 30 spams a day but living and loving one every few days what’s up with that 😦 I have to spend time promoting my photography on FAA in order for it to be seen and sold 🙂 full time job 🙂

      Miss you bunches

      Yes JT will be beside herself but hopefully Ron will give her many kisses well not too many lol

      1. I know all about these glitches – if you check your “Reader” page you might see if it’s changed to say “you receive no emails or notifications” – it’s changed the status on some of my blogs-I-follow, too. Well, I must say thought – look at the power of Eunice! All these wonderful people swinging by – and today, I’ll be checking out all their sites… too much fun.
        I wish you the best on your photography page – you have such a gift!
        hugs right back –

      2. Thanks Sue I did go and your says immediate but I never get any 😦 I will just have to keep searching for those I miss and don’t see

        It rained then snow rain some more and now snow I better take JT out while Daddy sleeps and move some slop or it will suck up all that water and FREEZE on me 🙂 Damn have I said I HATE WINTER too hard on my body now guess I should have done a girls job 🙂

      3. I just sent out a new post from Letters – let me know if you got it? As to the hating winter part – know I can understand all those snowbirds, living in trailers in Florida. Maybe they aren’t so dumb after all….
        love to you-

    1. Thanks it did we were blessed with liquid form today at 35 F just barely warm enough but grateful should and back could rest a few more days 🙂

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