Giovanna’s Family Secret Tiramisu Recipe

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Tiramisu is possibly the best food in the world. Sweet, cold, creamy, with the bite of coffee and liquor. But I rarely have it, and almost never make it. I’ve found that restaurants in the U.S. get something wrong (not sure what it is—too bready? flavor’s off?) and while actually making tiramisu isn’t difficult, finding the right ingredients IS.

Giovanna's family tiramisu recipe, learned it from my host mom when studying abroad

My host mom from when I studied abroad, Giovanna, was the best cook, and gave me her family’s recipes for her pasta con pesto and tiramisu. And all of the sudden last Saturday night, I got it in my head that I HAD to make it for dinner the next evening. However, none of the stores had lady fingers (I called around), so I made my own. See separate post, the recipe I used is here. It was surprisingly easy. Or you could substitute madeleines or pound cake or angel food…

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    1. I know right I swear I gain just looking at pretty food 🙂 my honey always ask why do you watch the food shows you are never going to make this stuff on your plan 🙂 he may not GET ME like I thought he did 🙂 but he is still a keeper 🙂

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