Just stopping in to say Hello.

How do you all keep up with your fellow bloggers?

Do you use the Reader on Google?  I have been 2 hours trying to catch up with many of you and sadly it has not gone well,  more like pulling teeth, OUCH.  Computer is so slow  don’t know if it is the weather or just and old computer or if it is GOOGLE I just wish I could make it FAST!  I miss you all.  I did have a RSS feed that sat up on the top of my page but when changing search engines or something I lost that.  So if you have the time to email me at myremmy@hotmail.com or Eunice356@gmail.com  I would love to hear from you.  PLEASE.


Now I spoke of WEATHER yes seems that is all I have done lately sorry but it is winter in New England and not sunny South Beach.
Here is a look out of living room window looking south towards the river.



Yes pretty.

It is light and fluffy and my back is so happy for that.

Wildlife is too by the looks of the back yard.

JT and I will go fill the feeders and after 3 when they come for supper I will do my wild bird count.

I sold the van yesterday to a couple who wants to use it to go on trips like we used it for and now halfway to what I need to fix the transmission RIGHT THIS TIME hopefully.  Then to take rusted parts off and add a wooden floor in the back and pretty wood rails she will not look like my Mopar when I bought her but it will still push this dang snow so all we will need to shovel is porch and brick area and the ROOF.  I hope they will have many good times in the van life is short.

So if you can get back to me I would love to see more of you.

Peace and Love to you all.


40 thoughts on “HELLO EVERYONE

    1. Thanks I actually follow most who follow me no wonder my computer is slow to respond to my touch 🙂 Thanks for stopping by I will try that

  1. Eunice, you have far more followers than me so its not so surprising you have more to answer because you are so popular. Take a day off to rest Im sure we all understand. Won’t be long and spring will be upon us and good riddence to the snow. Take care.

  2. I learned this the hard way….eventually my son told me!! LOL! Look in the top right corner of your computer screen right under the x. You will see 3 horizontal lines. Click this. You will be given a drop down menu. Click on tools. Another menu apprears. Check clear my browsing history. Your cache will be emptied. If it is overfill (It is and is why your reader is slow) it will take a few moments. You will end with a page asking you about disconnecting google etc. Ignore & close this page and go to your reader. It will now be fast as lightening. Do this every 2 days if your read lots of blogs like I do!

    1. I will do this early tomorrow when no one in the world is up on their yet 🙂 Thanks so much Cindy

  3. Hi Eunice! Sounds like the snow is getting you down. Not long till spring. And that view is so beautiful! We still have a little snow here.

    1. Well a month before I disappear 🙂 then while I am away it will be spring and I can come home on the 7th of April ready to take on the world 🙂 or I hope so snow was pretty today and I sat on computer all day and watched it melt and the birds play lost one woodpecker though crashed into a window even with stickers 😦 tried to save it sadly we could do nothing as it’s mate sat close bye made me even sadder 😦

      1. That’s sad – we sometimes get smaller birds do that. One really bad window is in a partition wall on our balcony and I hung some strings of beads there – it works!

      2. The winds have been so nasty everything including the visiting Hawk scares them 😦 I will have to do more they throw them selves at the windows for me to put more food on the ground but this was a hard hit he thought it was going to break the glass probably the Hawk after them again 😦

  4. Hi Eunice. When I have a bit of time I flit around FB and Google + (that’s my latest fad), Twitter only occasionally, and I try to visit my WordPress Reader every day but it isn’t always possible. My daughter got married last weekend and is just back from Venice honeymoon. It was all in historical costume, most of which she sewed herself, so if you have a minute pop on Restlessjo and have a look. (they even managed a bit of snow in Venice and were marooned at a Carnaval ball till 4.30 in the morning due to Aqua Alta)

    1. I stopped and saw you in one gown and it was loading so slow which Is why I did my last blog I will empty it all tonight close all pages and see if I can get it to FLY or use laptop LOL Thanks I can’t wait to see the rest you looked lovely 🙂

  5. It is a time consuming thing this blogging isn’t my lovely. I feel your pain…but I cannot let one comment or visit go by without replying, it’s just as addictive as writing! I just joined onto Google reader but still trying to figure out how to read and use the bloody thing 🙂 Lovely photo as usual xx

    1. Me too 🙂 I even go through spam to make sure friends don’t end up in a heap 🙂

      I like Google reader but at times it is painfully slow for me who is trying to keep up 🙂

      This photography on my website is killing my days or nights but I have cut back on taking hundreds of photos so it is helping in that way 🙂

    2. And thanks so much for the compliment I was gorgeous and temps rose to the 40’s so I sat on computer and watched it all melt 🙂

    1. Seems if I use WP one it doesn’t show half of who I follow then I am left catching up as I fall behind 😦 lol

  6. Beautiful photo, Eunice! Keeping up certainly isn’t easy for me, lately. I feel so guilty about it, but I think I just need to learn to set aside a few minutes each day (20 minutes shouldn’t be so hard to find.) No more of this once a week business!

  7. Am finding keeping up to date with so many blogs next to impossible, too many good ones to follow. Your posts are always at the top of my list. I may not always comment but I do read.

    Speaking of weather interfering with computers, cold air is thicker than warm. Sometimes my poor little laptop seems to tell me, “please give me a break on all these emails. I’m drowning!!”

    1. Thanks so much XO
      So others know my plight
      Yes we must keep our computers healthy to keep in touch

      Most of my posts need no comments lol I say TOO MUCH for all of us 🙂

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