Before and After Our Recent Blizzard


So this is how the yard looked as we heard about NEMO arriving in our section of the US.

We got gas in the pick-up truck and in a gas can for our very old snow blower, we just hoped

it could stand up to the storm they were predicting for us. They said from 1 foot of fresh

light powder type snow to 2 feet in some places.  The also said the winds would be wild.

I am here to show and tell that yes it arrived and what a storm it was.  We never lost power

as so many did just south of us,  maybe lots north of us as well I never watched the news we were too busy

moving SNOW.


You see the snow just started falling and it seemed it would never stop.  I said I would stay up all night

and shovel it off as three inches fell,  you know I have a bad back and plow truck is broken and I wanted

to help him as I knew him with a bad heart would be hours moving it from the rest of our yard.  Well I fell

asleep and woke at 4 AM to let the dog and cat out.  That wasn’t happening as the snow was up against the back door,

so in a robe, Bright Red(would help to find me if I fell and cracked my head, lol) and winter boots pulled on

over bare feet I stepped outside while JT and Rhythm watched from the warm living room, with their legs crossed,

as their Mom shoveled a 10′ long path for them to go do their business . The cat stepped out and right back in,  her litter box is

all she would need.  JT could pee but need more room to do anything else so here I am, snow coming down making and area wider

at the end of the path for her boy does she have a good Mommy.  Now I forgot to tell you the snow was deeper than the boots I use in winter,

I refuse to wear knee-high boots for anything besides fashion!

She was now done and waited to be wiped dry,  yes she is so spoiled and now I have just had a workout and unable to sleep, so I worked on the computer

and had my coffee and waited for daybreak,  so I would not wake the dead(my neighbors) when I started the snow blower,  my intent was to punch a path for

the pets and the wild birds who feed on the ground.  It would be fast,  NOT!   It took 2 hours for me behind the machine to make a path through the snow that

had not yet stopped  and to clear an area below the bird feeders.  He was up by now with all the racket and he took over.  He was out there for 8 hours moving

snow!  Remember we have a small and very old snow thrower.

Here are some after shots.




Can you see the roof I went up and had to shovel that as he took all the snow I threw down and blew the yard all over again!

Did I tell you I hate winter and do you know those of us 55 and old are 4 times more likely to have a heart attack.  The place was now safe

but were we?  I hurt in places I never thought I could and that damn thing I wear on my hip to show how much activity I have done after 3 and a half

hours shoveling the roof only said I did hardly ANYTHING for exercise  talk about adding insult to injury.


So I am off for weigh in and I am probably up a pound but hey I had to keep my STRENGTH UP

Miss you all but winter has had a grip on me


More photos today when I come back as I am sending him to the beach alone so I can eat candy and visit ALL YOUR BLOGS




27 thoughts on “Before and After Our Recent Blizzard

  1. Hi Eunice – sounds like you deserve your treat. Let’s just hope that was the last big storm this winter. We have snow again here, but only a little.

    1. 🙂

      From your lips to God’s ears but they say a few more are going to come close but may head a little further south poor New Yorkers 😦

  2. Hi Eunice,what a pain snow is. It creates havoc everywhere especially waiting for my hubby and boys to return home safely from travelling on treacherous roads. Thank goodness I live in Crete now, the snow is only visible on the tops of mountains.I aplaud your concern for the animals as I know I would do the same,poor things don’t know where to go to pee. Love to read your stories Eunice so thanks for sharing. Take care.

    1. Sunny Hot Crete sounds like Heaven now actually 🙂

      I will always put others before me animal or human just how I am made though WW is teaching me to put myself first 🙂

  3. Oh dear Eunice, snow is always a menace, creating havoc on roads as well.When in England I hated it especially waiting for my hubby and sons to arrive home safely from treacherous motorways they had to travel on.I like many others have done plenty of shovelling to clear paths as we lived out in the country.It seems pretty at first to see but then when it turns to slush that can be even more dangerous. Love your concern for your animals Eunice and I like to read your stories. This post was the first but I got cut you have two from me. Take care.

    1. 2 IS GOOD 🙂

      I hope all is well with you 🙂

      I made a sale on another one of my photographs so even the snow could not put a damper for too long on me. I it sunny and warm today lol warm for NH in FEBRUARY that is snow is melting which make me smile. I do not mind going out in it as I did all those years in a 22 wheel truck but the fact it hurts to much to get it moved is the hard part 🙂

      I actually love New England and her 4 seasons of beauty but hate pain and hate drugs even more 🙂

      I make up for 3 days of hell by taking pretty photos

      and cooking and eating then having a bad weigh in lol spring is coming spring is coming so if you come to the states come from May till early OCT well unless you ski and snow mobile 🙂

  4. Dear Eunice,

    Those photos are remarkable! What a snow-dump! Good luck. I envy you a little. I love being snowed in, but in Seattle it never lasts for long because the temperatures are relatively mild. But, oh, to be able to eat candy and cruise the blogosphere guilt-free! Stay warm!

    1. 🙂 see I always find the silver lining OUCH 🙂

      I miss Seattle I may run away some day and live on a houseboat 🙂

    1. 🙂 oh thanks so much still getting used to it 🙂 still have to paint the FRONT then again she has an ORANGE FENCE maybe the Turquoise goes better with it 🙂

      I have a Post and Bean Barn newer but he needs to sell STUFF so we can move out there and I can do art in this one 🙂 then again not the same view of the river but a nice garden window for tropical I could look at LARGER WILDLIFE 🙂

  5. Well, at least you wore boots this time! I just had to shake my head at all that snow – we only got a few inches – didn’t even have to shovel the roof this time. Hope you’re resting up and taking it easy where you can.
    let’s hope this is the end of the super storms for a while.
    Hugs my friend.

    1. I am loading photos onto Portfolio Blog and waiting on 0 point WW soup to be done he is at the beach 🙂 did you see stories I put on Facebook page?

      1. I’ve seen some – haven’t been able to do much browsing (Tues and Wed are my wicked busy days) things should settle down by the end of the week so I can get caught up.
        looking forward to getting caught up!

  6. Hi Eunice, I have just looked at your shop. Your designs are exquisite. Can I help advertise them for you. I am on twitter. Let me know how you feel about it O.K.

    1. lol OK you use such Pretty words lol I love it too but it hurts to bad to move it 🙂 Sold the van this afternoon and am now just $800 from getting the plow truck fixed 🙂 sold a piece of my photography a few more and I will be happy back in my MOPAR (Dodge Pick Up Truck with PLOW)

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