Well I am on my second cup of coffee  in preparation for a walk with JT along the coast in a few hours at low tide.

Did you hear what we have arriving tomorrow,  SNOW and lots of it!  They are saying a true Nor East’r  with maybe 2 feet of SNOW and winds up to 45 mph YIKES.  Praying we keep our power.

My back is killing me already never mind after we shovel this huge place and the ROOF.   I can’t forget the roof, not after hearing it crack on New Years Eve.

Man I wish I was rich and famous  no not really but just so I could get the tranny repaired in the truck.  Pretty new plow on it and the $700 I put out to a local man to put new seal in it lasted less than one mile to my door and when I called to tell him it let go all over my beautiful yard he said “Looks like you will have to call a transmission shop”.  Just my luck.

I love when mechanics do this to woman, NOT!

So I maybe gone from my blog for a bit once it starts to snow  as I will shovel while Ron snow blows but I will go out every 4 inches and just push snow or that is the plan till I have to climb on top of the house. Now they said we will be getting 2 inches an hour that is a lot of light fluffy blowing snow.

So yes off to the beach to walk and find peace and a few pretty photos maybe.  We will go back to see all the damage this storm will bring to the coastline but that won’t be till maybe Monday if they allow us on the roads by then.   They say the sea will be high with the moons influence.

You all ever here about the Blizzard of 78 we had in this part of the country well it is an anniversary oh joy

To all who follow me,  stay safe be it the rains some will get and snows for the rest of us .

Talk to you soon


ps the photo is of a piece of sea glass I wrapped to wear around my neck I wonder if I will find any good treasure to use in jewelry making.  He will detect the shore so I know he will.

36 thoughts on “OFF TO THE BEACH!

    1. 🙂 Thanks I am a believer in KARMA he will get his 🙂

      Thanks Sunday and Monday will be days for me to hunt today no ways so I just took photos of the marsh with my little Black and White buddy 🙂

  1. Oh I wish you well through the threatened blizzard in your part of the world. We are only expecting some light wintry mix here in Virginia. Your sea glass pendant is lovely BTW! Stay warm and cozy for the duration and take lots of photos! 🙂

    1. Thanks XO
      Beach was awesome though I never walked it I stayed along the marsh much prettier shots and we will go Sunday if we can move and they let us over there waves will be 20+ foot high blizzard conditions and 4 homes are ready to fall into my favorite beach 😦 I really wish it would just fizzle out 🙂

      I shut off propane and lit coal stove so it will be nice and warm as we come in soaked for 2’+ snows

    1. you think 🙂 if my plow was together we could do this place in about 2 hours with shovel and old snow thrower man we may be out there for days BRING ON SPRING 🙂

  2. BTW, thinking of a walk on the beach does not bring up thoughts of freezing sleet & snow. Got to have thick blood to live where you do…

    1. LOL one out of 3 ain’t bad 🙂 it will be fluffy and with maybe 55 mph winds it will BLOW AWAY 🙂

    1. Actually no I started this to have something to do at night with millions of photos I have taken and figured I would add a few words and try to write a poem here or there for 20 Lines to push myself I miss my rig but right now I hurt too bad.

      I love my life don’t get me wrong it is so much better than dead so I guess when I write something I forgot so many will see it but if it helps someone hold on for one more day in pain to allow it to get better it is worth re-living and letting it go for me.

      I can not wait till my retreat to see if healing will send me off into yet another direction or stay on the path I have started down with just a little more clarity 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and not sure IF I ROCK if so a very wobbly one 🙂

    1. Thanks I woke hurting from the walk along the seacoast for peace and sanity before the storm having coffee and watching light snow fall now I bought a $25 snow shovel long one with bent handle hoping I can just push light snow around for 24 hours ever 3 inches I will head back out to keep up with 2 to 3 foot snowfall 🙂 thanks for the well wishes 🙂

    1. Thanks I make them and sell them at flea Markets 🙂 I used to just HOARD THEM 🙂 Then I glued a bunch to my bathroom window so it is OK to share the love now 🙂

      1. Along the coast of Maine and Rye NH in the dead of winter here in NH can’t wait for the 20′ waves to settle down so we can see what has been tossed up come Sunday if we are done shoveling by then

  3. Eunice,
    I am thinking of you in the storm. Stay safe and dry and save your back!
    That blue sea glass is so rare. What a find. Common when I was a kid from glass milk of magnesia bottles, but so impossible to find now Beautiful piece.

    1. Thanks I have glass from when I was young as well 🙂 It was to remind me always of the sea

  4. Hope you find some treasure! Maybe makes all this mess worth it, huh? Glad you didn’t lose power. I HATE LOSING POWER.
    hugs to you, Eunice.

    1. Thanks Sue Hugs right back to you 🙂

      He will find tons of stuff I am sure the whole beach area is gone sand is either sucked out to sea or in the roadway JT and I will walk in safe areas and take photos

      1. Can’t wait – and maybe can you snap some more pics of the treasures? They make my mouth water (sorry, I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard).
        Stay safe-

      2. 🙂 Yes I will have camera in case we find the Mother Lode 🙂

        The sea has taken so much of the sand out so he should find some really cool old items maybe 🙂 Feel bad for those who live there though no dunes to save them now 😦

        roof cleaning then a drive over to one of the local beaches JT and I will play and snap photos and he will scan and DIG!

      3. You too Going up on the roof now to rid it of all the silliness that was dumped on us


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