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Hi Everyone.
Sorry you were worried about me just silly Daily Prompts as I promised I would bore you all with more stories of my life. Now heads up this is all real and even made the front page of several papers, but again I am OK.

So let’s begin this story in 1997. If you remember I had the ex removed by law enforcement finally and started life again. I met a man ten years younger him 29 and me by then 39. I had the home but always worked. I have a neighbor here who moved in just before my divorce and she seemed friendly enough. I would care for her horse if she ran late Stormy loved my blonde hair oh and the Apple and Carrots I brought him. She in return would let my dogs 4 of them out half way through the day till I pulled in with my rig at the end of a long day.

I had Halloween parties, remind me to tell you about them someday, ADULT COSTUME PARTIES, and I always welcomed her to come nd she did. Well she had a neighborhood get together each spring and I attended hers. You know neighborly. Well at the party in 1997 things changed. She asked me to sign a petition to stop another neighbor from subdividing his 17 acres. I kind of thought it was a joke as he had spent two hours at this party before having to take his son to practice. She was single and so was he but no love interest either.

On that day I told her she needed to mind her own business when it came to a man wanting to sell some land to build a beautiful home for himself and son. He at the time lived in a single wide mobile home beside her. Well I guess the line was drawn in the sand for her. I was either with her or against her only I never knew remember I thought it was a silly joke we live in New Hampshire “Live Free of Die” our state motto.

She and the neighbors no longer waved to me and I was the one here long before they were. I hired someone to let the dogs out and back in and went to work to pay for the truck on my own. Hatred built up in the neighborhood as my friend and neighbor got the towns permission to sub-divide and build. It was crazy around here and I was thankful I was gone from 4 AM till 5 PM on most days I missed my dogs but they were well cared for till I got back home.

So on a day back in in 1998 we had parked the rig and gotten in our car to run to the store to food shop and I wanted to stop and leave a note on my friends trailer to invite him over for supper. I got out of the car and walked up to his back door to leave a note on it for him when my boyfriend says “Moe’s barn just blew up!” I thought he was joking I was standing with my back to him and never heard a thing surly I would hear an explosion. I turned and saw nothing but then he pointed to the fire all over the ground. I still didn’t see why till we saw our neighbor Moe full engulfed in flames with a horrible noise coming from him. He was melting I mean it was horrible we left the car on the side of the road and went running over to help. Dave took off his Tee Shirt to try and extinguish the flames and get him to the ground I ran to the house to find his wife. She was standing on the porch in shock and not running to the phone for 911 so I pushed past her, angry that she wasn’t. I screamed for her to get buckets or pans or milk jugs full of water and get them out to Dave. We had to cool his skin, hydrate him I do not know how or why I said that but she snapped out of shock and began to get the water out while I had to stay on the phone with 911 all the while we were 3 feet from a fully engulfed huge barn on fire. Dave said metal from cans exploding in the barn were ripping by him on the ground so he dragged Moe closer to the house. Now mind you 911 would not let me hang up till help arrived. I wanted to do more but I was told to stay on the phone. Should this ever happen again I will lay the phone down and help, I hate feeling helpless.

Finally two young police officers arrive and Dave and I can finally look up and around. The barn was raging, the news copter was hovering above I swear the turbulence made it even worse. Finally the Fire trucks arrive I am talking maybe 20 minuets or longer from when I made the call. The station is 3 miles away. We were all alone with this poor man who had had a horrible accident in his barn and now may die because it was just Dave and I there to help him. I was feeling so sick watching him writing in pain. All the friends of his standing and watching him burn you see when the line was drawn by me telling her to mind her business they had all banded together to get my rig thrown out of my yard. Me with 3 acres at a dead-end, all because she got mad at me.

I would like to say had I know I would have done the exact thing. It was what you are supposed to do for someone in need.

Now you can imagine a little town, small streets huge equipment everywhere fire not being knocked down they just let it burn and burn see it was not an accident. This man had poured gasoline all around the barn many gallons worth and had a rope already hanging from a beam. He had climbed a ladder and slipped his head into it preparing to die that day. He I found out had been saying he would for a long time, they just stopped listening to him. Sad really mx another drink and fall further into depression.

So Dave is with Moe who is in horrible pain and his clothes were stuck to him day wanted the cops to hurry the EMT’s along, you see Dave lost a little sister in a house fire when he was six. He wanted Moe to live. We both did. The cop sits upon his chest we still don’t know why you would do this to a man so burnt but it was when Dave saw them cut the rope that was buried in his neck from the fall and the fact it was a nylon rope didn’t help. Dave almost got sick. He ran to me to tell me it wasn’t an accident and then told me what had happened. I felt so much emotion angry we had gone into harms way for a man who had so carefully laid out his death, to running and screaming the best he could that he wanted help. By now it had been an hour and we were not feeling well. It was probably from all of the adrenalin that kicks in to get you through something horrible all I know is we just wanted to go home.
The wife was so thankful to us for being the ones who came to his aid while the others just stood watching. She called us angels. I worried about her. The police put Dave and I in different police cars with pads of paper to write down what we saw, heard and did guess they were worried we would talk and discuss and they wanted each of us to tell what we saw and heard for the record. You see a suicide attempt should you fail can land you in jail. Dave joked from the car in front for us to take the cars out for a race. I could finally relax I actually smiled and then told him to hurry up and write.

I got out of the police car first and one of the local reporters from TV holds a Mike up to me for the story, what story the one where a man was so very sad he no longer wanted to live. I told her NO COMMENT and walked up to the wife and hugged her and told her I was beat and had to go home and then told the police and Dave and I went right back to the house no shopping in no state to eat anyway.

We helped her for almost a year till he came home. He had so many skin graph surgeries but was alive and so thankful to be. He was getting help he so badly had been crying for. They still love us and think fondly of the two they had set about to get my rig out of my place. Funny how stories end from the time the debris was picked up till they moved I parked my truck in their yard across from my neighbor that started a war.

It was months before Dave and I slept without waking in sweats and seeing him running across the yard.

It was just two or three weeks after the attempted suicide that the wife begged us to talk to a reporter she wanted the world as well as neighbors to know that we were good people. I gave in opened the front door to Susan who would do the interview. She thanks us and I never thought about it till someone handed me the paper. We knew the story by heart, we lived it but it was the Editorial they wanted us to see.

Here is what her Editor after reading her write-up on us and interviewing the wife wrote about us.

An unselfish act.

Epping should be grateful to have people like Eunice and Dave, who risked their own safety Wednesday night to save the life of their neighbor Moe and his barn went up into flames.

Eunice and Dave were backing out of another neighbor’s yard, preparing to take a spin into town when they saw the barn on fire and Mo running from the barn with his clothes were in flames.

The ran to the mans aid, David taking off his shirt and used it to put out the flames on Moe’s burning body. Moe was screaming in pain through the whole ordeal.

This neighborhood has had its share of upheaval and controversy in recent months. Just a year ago, the neighborhood was up in arms over a gravel pit operation and demanded the town to shut it down. Squabbling over one issue or another has continued.

Other neighbors managed to put Eunice a truck driver, out of business by complaining about her truck being parked at her home. Theirs Eunice and David’s- was an unselfish act by people who might have had a reason to turn away, but didn’t.

The couple’s actions that night, not only saved a neighbor’s life but could go a long way toward fostering a true sense of community in their neighborhood. Anything is possible when people care as much as Eunice and Dave clearly do.

Now you know who I am though I think some of you figured it out. I love life and all it holds it is precious. I lost a cousin when I was 4 and he was 5 he was scaled at a family farm. My Dad was a Shriner he took us to the Shriner Hospital to teach us what matches could do. I hate fire so when I saw the Daily Prompt I somehow just had fun with it though they were very truthful answers. Nothing matters to me but life and love things are just simply THINGS.

Sorry for the heavy post but talk of fire brought it all back tonight.

Stay safe out there.

It was a shock to read the story she wrote never mind what her boss took upon himself to write about us. We were finally given commendations from our local police chief as well.


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  1. Did the neighbours have a change of heart , even a little, after this? How can we stop the children from bullying when the parents are doing it as well? Children learn far more by example than by what they are taught. There are good people and you are one of them.

    1. Thanks so much.

      Oh they were so angry when they read the story in the paper because he called them out on it. I do talk to 3 or 4 and the man and his wife moved from here to FL where I will always be welcome. She said she was so sorry for believing her. I was a hard worker kept my yard beautiful perfect neighbor she was just mad because he built a beautiful home 🙂 best bart he sold his trailer beside her and they have 20 junk cars on the property all kinds of mess not a pretty rig in the bunch oh well I tried. Karma is in full swing up at her place.

    1. Thanks so much Kitt. I have sharing stuff like this but lately that is how posts are born 🙂 something happens or comes to light and then I am typing and sharing. Yes all I have ever wanted since I was a little girl was world people and loving one another I lost those Rose Colored glasses during Viet Nam 😦

  2. Eunice you are such a caring and wonderful person and this story shines with your character.I also have a fear of fire. One day when my mom was at work I could smell gas,not thinking I opened the oven door which was where the smell seemed to be coming from and there was a huge explosion which blew me out of the back door, results were that my face was burned and my hair and eybrows scorched. I was only 10 yrs old at the time and in those days we were not taught abt such things to protect us. Fortunately burns to my face were not too bad but have had trouble with my skin ever since. This seems trivial against your experience. Take care.

    1. God you must have been so scared only ten how would you know what to do. I am so sorry you got hurt. I too hate fire Dad did good by teaching us of the danger

      Thanks for taking the time to read it we were without power and her and I are the only ones on the line guess the BS continues still after all these years she hates me so sad when I have always done things for the good of man. I lost a few years of health because I let her hurt me not any more 🙂
      HUGS Rita
      Stay safe

  3. What a tale! It just goes to show that pettiness exists everywhere. What a good thing you were there. I’m really enjoying your story so keep it coming!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read that long post 🙂 Me and HER are the only ones on the street with our power company the rest are on new one and we were without power for hours in fact me and my sweetie drove around with JT till we located a downed branch and I led the power crew to it Any thanks from her NEVER but I am better for doing the right thing 🙂 I am blessed with all of you XO

  4. Ah, Eunice – I’m sure from reading your words that this memory lingers. You are an amazing person to help this man like you did – and I’m so glad the newspaper highlighted your incredible act of heroism.
    why does this not surprise me? That you would do something so brave?

    1. or stupid lol I am glad we could do all we did and were not frozen with fear or just stand there gawking Mo is too

      1. Thanks Sue I already know it will, just his suggesting it (my son) after he went through it was a start 🙂

  5. This story is amazing….What a situation to be in….It is certainly good that you were there to help… I hate when I hear of fires and especially reading that someone was seriously injured or died in it… Also an example of what ‘not loving your neighbour’ is all about…Diane

    1. Thanks so much and thankfully the act and post were not for accolades more because someone was in need and post was to make others aware of depression suicide and caring for others it was a happy ending sort of for all of the 4 of us that night but the BS still continues though truthfully until I started writing I could have cared less lol their loss 🙂

    1. Isn’t that what they say What doesn’t kill you will make your stronger lol I must be SUPER WOMAN in disguise 🙂

      OH I have copies of paper friends brought to me as they said I was their hero. I can’t lie I was mad at him for trying to kill himself but then sadness and worry took over so we stayed busy making meals for her and even making wreath from my back woods for her Christmas to hang on her melted home to give it some beauty. The whole time I was on phone inside with 911 the side of the house was melting from the inferno my life is very interesting it is why so many in my life asked me to write to share but I would take a boring life for a change. Thanks for commenting it was in my junk spam folder for somereason even though I follow you 😦 I have been so busy setting up Art on line time to write a trucking story maybe 🙂 miss my truck 🙂

    1. thanks for SEEING IT THAT WAY 🙂 living through soe of these things I felt different 🙂

  6. Eunice, you certainly have lots to write about. I also love your pics. I was sure I had visited your new photo blog, but I can’t find the link. Can you send it in a reply? Thanks – Resa (or am I out of my mind)

    1. Thanks so much. I wish you were all neighbors of mine such a beautiful place this would be 🙂 XO

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