I love Clams






You know I live up here in New England. You see the beach photos I share. I have to tell you the seafood we have here,  has spoiled us.
When I was a little girl my parents always took me out for Fried Clams each March, as my birthday rolled around. We had it occasionally throughout the year as a whole family of six but more as a treat.

I was in my late 20’s though before having a Steamer.  It is a small clam that can be bought by the pound or bushel.  They are called Small Neck Clams, and you Steam them in a huge pot , well if you love them as much as I do,  you need a big pot!

When you are done steaming them they all open up their shells, the ones that stay closed need to be thrown away as they were dead already.
You take and melt some butter  and put in small bowls or little plastic cups and you also take a ladle of the water they were steamed in just off the top you don’t want to get any sand that maybe sitting on the bottom of the pot.  You place broth into small dish as well.  Add your Steamer Clams to a big bowl and dig in!  You take them out of the shell by grabbing a hold of the neck the long part, you pull off the skin from it and then rinse in broth then dip in butter then into your mouth it goes. YUM


My Mom can’t look at them but she loves them fried which is why I was so old when I first tried them.  I tell her all the time MORE FOR ME.  Ron loves Fried Clams but will not touch a Steamer,  so I usually go without unless we go out to eat and I order them.  Well that was before the last trip to the beach when it was so bitterly COLD.

On our way home I see a man surrounded by that ice I showed you on the marsh.  He was out on a piece of land surrounded by water digging away!  For what ?CLAMS, yes for steaming and he was in NH.

So I brave the cold and park along the road and leave boyfriend and JT in truck and grab my camera to go see what he got.  By now he had used his kayak to come ashore and was getting his gear packed in it to haul up to his truck also just in front of us beside the main road.  I said “Hello, excuse me.”  and he jumped insert smile , he was not used to woman coming to see what he had brought back.  I told him I did a blog and asked if I could take a photo to share with all of you he was so happy,  even on a frigid day to talk with me .  I promised I would not tell where he had been and we laughed as many had seen him as I had.  So he asks if I like clams and I told him I loved them.  He reminded me as a resident of NH I could get so many quarts for free each day when in season.  I think he said $30.00 a year to get a digging license.  He told me to have a life jacket and small boat and come get MY SHARE of NH’s tasty clams.  Now how nice was that.  I am blessed people are always open to me.  So I would like to Show you his tools of the trade and his haul.


The photo is bad as I am shooting into the setting sun and from the other shore before I knew I would walk up to him on the other side.




So here is Brian and his clams.

He was off for a stiff drink and some tasty clams.

I am blessed to meet the people I do.

I could hardly wait to share it with you,

nope not his secret spot,  though no one would love clams enough to be out in the water on a day like that,

except this brave soul and  his fresh clams.

Maybe I will see him again I see a Clamming License in my future.



10 thoughts on “I love Clams

    1. 🙂 oh how true living from the land and sea is where it is at if they stop polluting OUR WORLD 😦

    1. OMG you are welcome to swing by but you don’t want the cold and snow OURS STICKS AROUND 🙂

  1. A wonderful post! I feel like I just went on an adventure too. When you are open to people, almost always they are open to you–which is why you have so many interesting conversations!

    1. 🙂 OK we’ll go with that lol

      I am just a simple honest sole with no agenda 🙂

    2. Do you like Steamers? Do you have them in Washington?
      All I ate there was PIZZA oh maybe some CRAB 🙂

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