We drove my mother to her doctor appointment last week.  I used to go to the hospital many years ago to see a doctor who practiced there so I knew right where I was going or so I thought.  Mom had been born on that property in the old wooden hospital over by Spot Pond.

Our day started early we woke at 5:00 and left NH at 6:00 to miss rush hour traffic.  We had a wonderful ride on a very cold day.  Mom could have driven there but being 77 she worried about the morning traffic as they had given her a 9:00AM appointment for her stress test, I knew she did not need the stress of that bumper to bumper traffic on top of her test.

We took our truck as it was already warm inside this day in New England saw temps. below zero and with gusty winds it felt even colder.

After I made sure mom was all checked in and was all set,  I made my way back to the truck.  I grabbed my gloves and grabbed JT and her leash,  the camera too thinking if I walked fast and kicked a stick we could do the loop around the old hospital, you see the place we had all thought we were going was CLOSED, boarded up with construction equipment throughout the beautiful property.   As we walked the old paved walkway close to the buildings it really was tolerable weather wise but when we came around the corner and the winds welcomed us I knew I had to turn around for not only me but JT.  Last thing I need is frostbite on my nose!

Here are a few photos I took,  last week of a beautiful but rather frigid New England day in Massachusetts.























A very cold New Hampshire afternoon with the river doing her best to stay open and flowing but sadly it was loosing its battle with old man winter.

Now yesterday as the furnace cranked out the heat to keep us warm it did nothing to stop our bathroom pipes from freezing, have I told you I HATE WINTER!

I boiled tea kettle after tea kettle of water and poured down the drains in sink and tub.  Who ever designed this home was nuts putting the bathroom on an outside wall!  Then again when this camp was built they used and outhouse.   Yes that was my world yesterday, me doing all I could from inside and him outside in below  0 F,  with and extension cord and a hairdryer warming a vent pipe.  I tried to remind him that the hot water I had been doing all day was working and that my hair dryer was NOT FOR OUTSIDE USE,  in SNOW!   I swear he will make me get my first Gray hairs!



I know I added the photos to the post but others never showed up!

14 thoughts on “CLOSED

  1. I must confess that I am glad not to be in your part of the country right now. I keep hearing from Maine friends how bitterly cold it is. I don’t mind cold, but when it gets to zero or below, that’s a bit much for this girl.

    1. OH and cold it has been! Nasty winds made it feel even colder today sun is shining and birds make it look like it is so warm out there but it was 0 with no wind so I suppose it is for them. I went out with no coat to quickly fill feeders at 6 AM brrr but quick dashes into the cold make you feel ALIVE lol Have fun in the warmth!

    1. Thanks all the photos were not attached but I think they are now so I did not want you to think you were going crazy 🙂 Thanks for re-blogging do you enjoy these kinds of posts?

    1. Wait till you see photos I took today but who knows what camera will say for date I download into a folder and it says like 3 or 4 years ago date 😦

      Ah February well Wednesday it will be 50+ so I better sit out and get some SUN 🙂

  2. Brrrrr! I’m having sympathy pains for you out there with your hair dryer in the cold! Hope your Mom did well on the stress test. You are a good daughter.

    1. She aced it and it was not her heart she has bad Barret’s syndrome (SP) done enough damage that and thyroid taken out and Gallbladder that whole are has taken a beating and she never eats right 😦 I am not going to tell her at 77 what to do she is well aware all she has to do is look at what I have done so far 🙂
      I hope I am a good daughter worry can take years of ones life this I know so it was the least I could do plus we all had a nice visit 🙂

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