Pretty January Day



















Boyfriend is hunting the sea for treasure and JT and I are getting some much-needed walking in.

She loves when I tell her we are going to the beach.

She runs to the door wagging her tail then runs to get her Frisbee .  She is so very happy I can see it in her eyes.

Wind recently was 45 mph but she never gave a hint that is was bothersome to her.  It was warm and so walking we went along the

Merrimack River where it meets the sea.

I never looked for shells or sea glass.

I spent the hour and half walking with her and kicking a stick as the winds would have taken her Frisbee far, far away. She wanted it and I said find a stick so off on the mission she went up ahead to find a good one.

We came upon a group of men, they looked kind of suspicious to me,  even JT lowered her head and growled softly.  They were huddled under a tree  and as I got closer I saw the spotting scopes and HUGE camera lenses all pointed into the Fir trees.  I asked what they had cornered in the tree   the older man said “Birds”.  I sort of felt bad for the bird lol no damn privacy!  Now the photo of the men could have been used in a “Birding Book” or front page of paper on a slow news day.


After our walk and play were done, we went to sit in the truck and take a break from the wind when I saw a woman walking towards us and the wooden walkway with her tripod and cameras.  She saw JT with her pretty face watching her through the open window and she proceeds to start snapping photos of her, what she did not know is  that JT is already FAMOUS,  with  her own followers.  We started chatting and seems she tries to capture birds for Audubon and that was why all the men with huge lens were there.   They have groups that meet and hunt the birds down to photograph.  I see so much being present  had they sat on this bench see what they could have caught in their viewfinder








Pretty Seals hanging out enjoying the day yes here in New England.




19 thoughts on “Pretty January Day

  1. I forgot to say if you click on each photo it enlarges them and back button take you back to post 🙂

    1. 🙂 in two weeks or maybe starting this weekend I will capture some Bald Eagles along with the seagulls searching for fish in these waters. They have a weekend where thousands come to celebrate the Eagle 🙂

    1. Yes I enjoy it in in the winter as we usually have less than 100 others enjoying it come spring and summer THOUSANDS pack the area

  2. Yeah! I’m here! Sorry I haven’t swung by in a while, Eunice – I’ve been reading your posts on my smartie phone at work (don’t tell the boss, kay?) I really loved the post about the hurt dolphin seeking help from the diver. How sweet and sad was that?! Love these pictures – so clear and the colors just scream winter. Hope you are all well and surviving this mid-winter freeze.
    Stay warm-
    here’s a hug-

    1. Thanks for the hug and as I go through the reader here on WP I see posts I love and must share 🙂 I loved it too. It leaves me with HOPE which I swear is what gets me through the roughest of days HOPE for mankind lol

      Glad you are OK
      It is so &%#@ing cold here and wind BRING ON SPRING! 🙂 I have been out 2x’s not dressed properly to care for my birds and critters it is so brutal 😦 poor things I should take video you would not believe the numbers of them 🙂

    1. Thanks Diane it was a pretty day last 3 have been below zero and today frozen pipes 😦 brrrrr

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