January Is Almost GONE

Well when tomorrow arrives,  there will be just one more week in January to go.  Between the loud crack in the roof on New Year’s Eve day and all that shoveling of the roof we did,  we have had it pretty good, well till this weeks freezing temperatures rolled in. Wait below freezing and no rolling BLOWING in,  on sustained winds here of 25 with gusts over 50 mph.  Hard to believe Sunday we went walking the coastline,  while he hunted for lost treasure, it was warm for January in New Hampshire.  I think we hit 45+degrees but we had 45 MPH steady winds.

I have been so busy trying to put my Portfolio together on WordPress, thanks to all of you who have already stopped by.  I did it here as it was offered and I like the idea of sending a link to a person interested and not just burning them onto a disk.  It works for me   So many of you I follow are professional photographers with years of work to show and since I am new at sharing, I like this fit.

In just eight months here in the blogging world I have come so far in so many ways.  Thanks for welcoming me with open arms,  you do a girl’s heart good. XO

So I have my blog,  Living and Lovin and I also post on 20 Lines and a portfolio.  I also made my own photography page for Folsom Mill Studio,  you are welcome to come LIKE my page.  I also Have the store on Zazzle and added some 100+ photographs to Fine Art America site  to see if there is any interest in the kinds of things I see when I hold my little camera up to my eye.

That said I can now catch my breath and move into February.  I can’t wait till I get in the swing of blogging for real again. I read blogs and re-blog  but have backed off on mine some.  I have some stories I am getting ready to share with you.
Photos too 🙂

I will have about 6 weeks to get it done then I will bow out and attend my 1st 10 day Silent Retreat in Western MA.  After not talking, reading, writing and no kisses from my sweetheart and JT and the CAT,  you know I will have lots to say.

It will be hard for me to do this but I am so much stronger than I was 8 months ago.  I have been practicing sitting and being quiet too.  Do not know a lot about meditation but I am ready to heal  all the old hurts.


Stay warm or cool for those in the land down under


Peace and Love




25 thoughts on “January Is Almost GONE

  1. hope the retreat is the start of a new beginning usually many new beginnings that come when they come-I love silent retreats, it takes time for the mind to stop the chatter but it is all good.

    1. I am glad you said that I do need this badly to be really whole once again like the old days 🙂 Thank You

  2. Wow, has it only been 8 months, time sure has flown and you have grown since you first started. I look forward to hearing your new blogs after a week of peace, serenity and healing.

  3. Enjoy your retreat! Hope you find the healing and peace you are looking for! ♥ 🙂

    1. Thanks so much they say the lessons learned are taught in prison so I hope for me who was in her own hell will feel the love 🙂 Thanks you will of course hear all about it 🙂

    1. Thanks!

      Well I added my photography and 50 have looked at one print in particular and even me getting $1 for each card seems to be too much profit to make a sale 🙂 it’s OK someday I will find that perfect photo to take that they all want a copy of 🙂 at least now others are looking and commenting on then and they are not hidden away 🙂

  4. I am sure the retrreat will be a wonderful experience, something most people could benefit from in this loud and crazy world we all live in.
    Your photos are amazing, I am so happy to hear you are actively working on promoting them, you deserve great success with them, you are quite talented !!
    Can’t wait to hear all you want to tell. I always enjoy reading your stories about your life and all you have been through, I find them very inspiring !!

    1. Thanks Steph I appreiate this note. I am so much better than I was even just one year ago letting go over and over takes it’s toll on ones heart so for me this will settle ME I have learned I can not FIX anything lol but me 🙂

      PS I have lots of funny stories and wild ones to tell 🙂

    1. 🙂

      These are free and with 12-14 hrs of meditation for 10 days of silence no meat or coffee sex drugs or booze wish I could bring camera 🙂 he will have it in car when he picks me up wonder if I will be talkative 🙂 or settled and at peace it is the not knowing which always worries me 🙂

      I remind myself I have lived through hell so this shall be easy and a 5 lb weight loss 🙂 I come home the day before weigh in which will be great!

      There is a huge place in CA I will attend one in MA and there are others here and all over the world.


  5. It wouldn’t be as difficult to have a ‘silent’ as in speaking retreat but I think I would probably need to read or write..(not on a computer) but it will be interesting to see how you make out…Diane

    1. 🙂 Thanks it will be but I have much to learn I am looking forward to a lunch time stroll of their place just wish I could bring my camera 🙂


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