I attended a free talk today on Orchids.  What a beautiful and peaceful place to enjoy, on a winter’s day.  You need to swing by if you are local and have never stepped inside.  They are all very friendly and you will get a warm welcome from all including Oliver




He will say Hello and even laugh when you do.  Not sure he liked my flash but he never stopped talking and even said Good-Bye.










Baby Tears sit here with Venus flytraps




Cactus too





Are you looking for COLOR now that your Christmas tree is down these are very pretty.



Plants of all types can be found here.





Lush Green Plants are great for cleaning the air you need to breathe




I wonder if this will hold my monster Spider plant




Orange and Yellow pop and the pretty fountain too



So precious placed in a beautiful garden.  I must shop for my new English Garden I will be adding here at home.




I must say Oliver has the prettiest home I wouldn’t mind staying her either.




Thanks to CHURCHILL’S for allowing me to take photos of their beautiful shop in Exeter, New Hampshire.  Stop in I am sure you will love it as well and if you are reading this from another part of the US stop in one of your local garden centers and for those of you who follow me from all over the world should you find yourself in NH call me I will show you around.








16 thoughts on “CHURCHILL’S part 2

  1. Looks lovely. A long way from me so won’t be visiting any time soon, but it was nice to see the photos.
    And here we have quite a bit of snow, so bright pictures go down very well!

    1. Yes here over a foot on ground and new storm headed in today so I fully understand the desire for Bright and PRETTY shots 🙂 gray I can find OUTSIDE 🙂

    1. You are welcome.
      I took so many photos lol
      That place was so warm and toasty they reminded me to warm up the truck first those plants are very spoiled hope mine lives 🙂

    1. Thanks for Keeping An Eye On Me lol I need watching 🙂

      I am glad you are here as well no new poetry for awhile from you everything OK or am I looking in the wrong place 😦

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