This Morning


JT is checking out the pretty fresh fallen snow as I do the same with my camera.


We went for a walk as the sunrise broke through our tree line .

Me no coat and only slippers on my feet.

I scattered seed for the birds who prefer the ground and the squirrels.

I tried to place the seed up against the Lilac Bushes and Roses as well as Forsythia

to give them some protection from the Hawk.

On a beautiful morning every creature showed up looking for a meal.

So  I had so many things to watch today,  here  in the yard, as I chose photos for my website.

Hope you were able to enjoy your day as well.



16 thoughts on “This Morning

    1. Thanks glad you still had a beautiful day. My gardens are under more than a foot of snow but today the sun felt warm and wonderful for mid January 🙂

  1. Forget the “no coat” – slippers? Eunice! For shame on you!
    lovely photos, as always. Stay warm – gonna be a cold one tonight…
    hugs –

    1. Will do!@ I am glad you saw the pretty day I saw really hard to really capture it with a camera 🙂

    1. Thanks so much it was stunning here hard to capture all that beauty with a camera 🙂

    1. Thanks yes days of slop then more white then more melting till at least late April for us 🙂

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