Powder Coated Day


I woke to a pretty powder coat look happening on all the trees just outside my home today.

Yes it meant we had to shovel but not the roof today.   It snowed from the early morning hours and at 4:00 PM I was still moving snow to scatter seed for the ground feeding birds.  I looked up into all of these large pines for that nasty hawk who snatched on of my pretty birds yesterday.  All that was seen was a burst of feathers.  Insert    SAD FACE HERE.

JT hung out with me while I shoveled and he used the snow blower in the back yard.

After 2 hours we had the yard done for the first round,  then we had to take a ride for more bird seed. The roads had been nuts  around here for getting just a little amount of this light, powdery  snow.  I drove the three of us the 10 miles to the feed store and was pleasantly surprised to hear I had purchased the required 10 bags of bird seed so I got a 50 pound bag of Black Oil Sunflower Seed for FREE.  The men loaded the truck up and we headed back down the road,  for home.   The roads were empty, the speeds had been lowered to 45 mph  kind of crazy for so little snow.  I have to tell you in case it did not hit your local news  NH had a 40 mile bumper to bumper traffic jam.  Can you imagine crawling along stuff in traffic hardly moving for FORTY MILES for 2 INCHES of snow.  Today I was happy to play in the snow with him and JT and the pretty birds.  I am grateful I was not in a BIG RIG, I am seeing how blessed I actually am .

How is your weather?  Do you have crazy drivers where you live?  I wonder who  never made it to work today I know if I found myself in a 40 mile back-up I would take the next exit and go for breakfast then home to play in the snow.

It doesn’t hurt to know I have a place that looks so pretty to come home to,  no matter how much snow  has piled up.














My little shadow is always  waiting to play no matter the weather.

22 thoughts on “Powder Coated Day

  1. Very pretty, and we finally have some snow again today, so it looks very similar to your place! Yes, we have crazy drivers too – the sirens went off early and since then the road below us has been empty, so I guess there was an accident further along. Drive carefully! 😉

    1. Thanks

      I know it looks pretty but really how can you forget how to slow down and leave distance between 🙂 common sense as I see it glad it was quiet in your area for just a bit as they cleared things up.

      Snow and quiet and peace go well together here in the woods it is only when you hear us moan in pain that it wrecks everything

      You too Cathy


    1. Oh I bet. I hear it was nasty in parts of your area 😦 Want me to send you some SNOW BALLS 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks I was not sure how they would come across tricky with all that WHITE 🙂

  2. Beautiful, beautiful.

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page?

  3. I am so glad I bought slip-on spikes for the bottoms of my boots-priceless and I recommend them to all.shovelling can be a pain but good exercise….

    1. 🙂 2′ of snow on ground here I just hate whe the ice forms JT was trying to herd me from the compost bin out at garden and she went down on her right butt 😦 she didn’t feel like moving me anymore

  4. Our snow is almost gone now – and tomorrow will be in the 50’s. That’s the way to get a big snowstorm huh? Your snow scenes are so beautiful too!

    1. Wow can’t wait for another round of warm weather 🙂 it is 10 degrees and he is headed to the beach brrrr I will take JT to see Orchids just after noon. Looking for some Monkey ones 🙂

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