We Are Better Than This

6 thoughts on “We Are Better Than This

    1. I know you have your views and me mine all I can say is spread love and drive out the hate and sadness this country of ours seems to be full of.

      I shoot, I own but see no need to own an assault weapon either or clips that hold 10 to 100 rounds. I also do not want to house them after shooting innocent people and give them 3 square meals a day, dental care, medical care and Law Degrees.

      I am so frustrated with what has become of the beautiful country I love and call home I want life to be the way it used to be. Sadly to many here get less medical attention than the bastards that commit these crimes 😦

      I no longer watch TV unless it is MUSIC related


      1. Like i said, I have lots of friends who own guns and I do not have a problem with gun ownership and most people feel the way I do about that. But we do have to change what we’re doing as a country. You are such a beautiful soul — keep doing what you’re doing.

      2. I am disgusted by what our country has become and how the world views us as a whole when there are loving and caring people here. Sadly not many think that about us anymore 😦


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