Water and Ice………… Ducks too!



We have had some really bad floods in our area.



I should  have shot video as the water was flowing under the ice

it was awesome to watch.


Huge ice was breaking apart




Freezing to brush, small trees and others moving with the flow of the river.





I Love the color combo on this home.  In New England we have areas

where only colors from the Colonial Days can be used on homes  in the

Historical Districts.



Falls where water levels are controlled





It was a cold day but the walk was just what we needed wish he had taken longer


Smart Ducks sitting in the sunshine



Silly ones in the Shade and Water



Exeter NH
The town I live in used to be a part of this town.
So much history in this area of NH. This is the river that flows through it.

21 thoughts on “Water and Ice………… Ducks too!

    1. No flooding that day just normal release of water so far we are still all above water lol 🙂

  1. those ice patterns are great – would have made a great photo on their own but I do like the yellow house. Find the homes in New England very pretty..

    1. Thanks just is just how pretty it was cold yes but beautiful to be about and not sad and at home 🙂


  2. Your photo’s are excellent Eunice especially the ducks they look really happy,
    And thankyou for your like on my blog. Pottery in Archaeology (Iron Age) Much appreciated.

    1. I lost all my favorites went hunting and almost caught up have you safely in my google reader 🙂

      Yes the ducks looked happy but damn it was cold and in the water and ICE they are NUTS 🙂 Sun felt good beating on me so maybe them too 🙂

  3. Being from the South we don’t see any ice. It always amazes me when I see water that has frozen. Thanks for sharing. I love the shots 🙂

    1. Thanks glad you enjoyed our winter landscape 🙂 I used to live in Plant City for a little while but ran the road enough to fall in love with so many parts of our country my brother lives in Pompano

      1. You were much further South than I am. I did live in Delaware when I was younger so do remember seeing ice and snow then. Loved it too but now I prefer to stay a bit warmer 🙂 I hope the recent storms didn’t effect you negatively.

    2. Thanks I go out when it is bitterly cold below zero and worse but we have the place to our selves 🙂

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