Hawking the Hawks in the Garden

So sad but it is what we are all up against when we try to help our little feathered friends

8 thoughts on “Hawking the Hawks in the Garden

  1. I love hawks, and appreciate this well-written article -nice to see the sharp-shinned hawk so close and I agree, I can’t get near a Red tail on the side of the road. As soon as I stop they take off.But I have seen great close ups of them on this site taken by bird photographers-no baiting.

    1. 🙂 I hang my feeders in areas where they can not come daily to pick at my little birds or cats They are welcome to all the mice and moles and voles that reside here though 🙂 then the snakes can leave 🙂

  2. STUNNING photos Eunice – beautiful birds of prey – yes we don’t see very many of them over here and I do not like to think of them grabbing a small unsuspecting animal with their claws…but they also have to survive.

  3. Lovely photo’s – I used to live in Cornwall and the heavens were full of Buzzards!
    Keep up with the photos – they really are impressive!

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