We Headed In On Foot

10 thoughts on “We Headed In On Foot

    1. Cold but sunny and gorgeous blogging is getting me out more and enjoying the SPACE out there 🙂

    1. 🙂
      Jt hates the scarp I make a big deal about when typing it on I tell her how pretty and beautiful she is 🙂 then she lets me have my way boots probably not I wanted to get her some but she hates me even trimming her toes 🙂 she allows me to but not a happy girl till I say ALL DONE!

  1. I love that look on JT’s face – how tuned into you she is. I laugh because Maggie just plows ahead, pretending to be deaf. She goes just where she wants to and nowhere else.
    My husband and I were wondering if she had problems with her hearing – then we laughed when we recalled how quickly she comes when a tiny morsel of food plinks into her food dish!
    Silly animals.

    1. 🙂 I know right! BC’s are known for having ear issues but JT can hear the treat jar open too she was trained by love to stay with Mommy and is so focused on her stick or toy it is EASY!

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