January 9 2013 Shots From The Coast









So yes in January we still look for treasure he with a machine and me with a camera.

It was windy and cold but we bundled up and left at 10 AM and finished there by 3 PM

Tired and cold from all the exercise we got, which they say is Good For You, we headed home for dinner which I

still had to whip up.  While it cooked I made some Chi Tea and heated up the bag we have for sore muscles and

sat with JT and did her shoulder area. She was again hobbling hard makes me so sad to see her in the pain we are in.

I know she has a toenail that was injured and is growing out that I trim weekly(all of them actually)but it appears this

jump and leaping in the sand is sadly taking a toll on her since her injury this past summer.  Her and I will walk daily even if I do not

want to leave my warm home.  With weight off of us both we have got to feel a little less pain when out having a day of fun.

The whole time we played she never showed a sign of pain.  I did stop Frisbee play after 20 min. took her for her water then headed out

with a leash on her for a cool down and I mean cool down on this January day.  She walked and played with her stick with me still no sign. She is

very stoic when she is playing with her Mommy.  When we got home and I went into the kitchen and Ron said she was in some really bad pain. She

Came and sat with me in the kitchen as I cooked supper and made her supper.  She came to bed with me and the heating bean bag which I held on

her till she felt good enough to jump down to the floor on her dog bed.

This morning as I downloaded photos from our trip to the coast,  there were no signs of injury as she played and played with me. Walking later when

the sun has warmed the air some.  Have a great day!

15 thoughts on “January 9 2013 Shots From The Coast

    1. Yes I swear she toughs it out for play time with Mommy today we walked a town s downtown area she is so good and everyone thought she was so cute carrying her stick in her mouth 🙂

  1. Sounds like she’s in good hands! 😉 The photos of the beach are lovely. There’s a word in German – “Fernweh” .- which means the opposite of homesick…. “wishing for a holiday?” Anyway, that’s the feeling I get when I see these pictures of a long sandy beach! 😀

    1. She is we just came back from 4 hour visit to the beach but this time we walked 1 1/2 or 2 miles while she chased a stick I kicked over and over NO FRISBEE on the beach she looked at me when we got to the walk way onto the dunes as if to say Ma you forgot my toy 😦

      I said no boo boo’s today baby let’s go walk and off she went then tried to herd me lol she is a riot I have the coolest animals in my life I swear 🙂

      1. Yes, you do – and they are so intelligent. Maggie is half border collie. I swear she just looks at me and talks through her eyes. Bella, our goldie, doesn’t really think about anything. She just exudes love!

      2. they are the BEST! The furry kids in y life fail to amuse me and shower me with LOVE right back!

      3. EXACTLY

        Humans Suck lol

        Well some do I seem to have a wonderful loving bunch who follow me and for that I am so grateful


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