Our Yard in January

17 thoughts on “Our Yard in January

  1. Beautiful picture(s) … I’ve been trying to get pictures of the cardinals and blue jays that come on to our property but not got good ones yet….they’re skittish…Diane

    1. Keep trying most of mine are through a window unless I sit quietly in car or chair I have no feeders next to the house mine are far away 😦 When I place food in feeders Chickadees come to me but I am feeding them so I don’t take camera out there.
      Last night late after 10 PM the cat almost got grabbed by an owl or hawk 😦 She is going out less and less at 12 yrs old she is very wise 🙂


      Do you have a setting on camera for action? Try getting them in flight 🙂

      1. We don’t have a really good camera…The ones I got were done in a hurry…I’ll have to take more time sitting and watching for them…and our feeders are close.

        Your cat is smart. Where we are there are forests and coyotes and we watch our doggie at night when he goes out to make sure he is not a victim….Diane

      2. Same critters here 😦 I go out with them no matter the time of day Ron went to let her out last night when something flew past him and her they both came right in lol

    1. Thanks I am liking this BLOG thing it is making me see winter through a LENS not so ugly most days and have 2 new beading projects to start and play with clay till I leave in March then when I come home flowers will be popping up 🙂

      1. Yeah – winter can be beautiful. It’s foggy here right now and the woods look very mysterious.
        It’s the cold that sucks.
        Am I right?
        can’t wait til spring…

      2. COLD does SUCK bring on SPRING maybe just maybe the reason for our beautiful area id because she rests come winter 🙂

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