Snow Still Here



Brrrrr it was cold here the last two days in New Hampshire.  Below Zero!  Warming up they say we may hit 30 maybe time to hit the BEACH.


Peace& Love

36 thoughts on “Snow Still Here

    1. Thanks

      I has been worse last 2 days but we will go up to FREEZING a Heat Wave! lol

      Bring on the January Thaw as we call it here in New England!


    1. 🙂

      Thanks! we have been below zero F brrr but it is warming this week to come probably means MORE SNOW 😦 I need to be rich so I can hire someone to care for the SNOW 🙂


      Yikes it is steamy and sticky over there hope that means we here will have another beautiful warm summer 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂
      I have been so busy building a website will images for sale it is why I started a blog to see what others LIKED lol I love all my photos 😦 hard to kill any of them 🙂

      Soon I will write more stories with a photo added


      Thanks again for commenting I do appreciate any feedback I can get


  1. Gorgeous pic! Lucky you to have such scenery!
    We’re freezing to death here in the desert…we just got 2 whole inches of snow & it closed the whole town down as if it were a blizzard. Yes, we are weather wimps!
    All I wanna know is…
    Is it sunny-summery-warm-time yet? 😉

    1. I here you! I HATE WINTER I take a lot of photos through a WINDOW lol car and house!

      We used to go tent in AZ in congress area in a Tent for November, Dec. and Jan. have woken up to the ground white but by 10 am it was all just a BAD MEMORY


      Stay Warm!

  2. Crazy thing these temps, huh Eunice? 50 degree shift in one day…
    Did you get down to the beach today? 30’s seems warm now!
    my love to you, girl!

    1. No I stayed home and did laundry and made some polymer jewelry 🙂 He left at 7 AM to head to beach and found 3 rings and some sea glass for me too cold it was like 8 degrees and by the time he pulled in I was too wrapped up in playing next week it will be in the 40’s I go into Boston Monday grateful for nice weather then next day we will be at the beach with it in mid to high 40’s 🙂


      1. Nice to think of you all cozy and wrapped up in your wonderful project – life flies by too fast. I’m working on my first lace shawl – got the pattern and encouragement from my friend, Pauline, in Ireland. I can’t believe how nice it is to just sit and relax.
        Enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful beach… I hope to see pictures? Please?

      2. I love crocheting 🙂

        I have to think about digging out a shawl too they say to bring one to the retreat hope there is HEAT 🙂

        I have two packed away from a purchase made 32 years ago in Mexico if the moths have not eaten it yet 🙂

        Enjoy your Sunday!

        He is off to the beach now brrr too cold for me I have been glazing my polymer pieces and making beads I already made into earrings sitting happily in the living room in the sun as my cat does 🙂 I can see why she enjoys it so much.

        Have a great night

        Going to Boston on Monday in RUSH HOUR I must be NUTS 🙂 then I am going to see if Mom wants to walk a little while at the Arnold A. down the street from her hospital appointment. It is a woodsy area and in summer lots of flowering shrubs and plants the winter look maybe nice since they have no snow there 😉

        Love and Hugs

      3. Well you just have yourself a wonderful time, woman! And think of me NOT venturing out – geesh have I turned into a lazy house cat!
        hugs back-

      4. I know right 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday I am sure you will be back to work come morning

    1. Thanks surprised you could see that come through brrr it was FRIGID 🙂


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