My Post ……………for Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight

After a day when we heard our roof crack and ended up with the two of us shoveling off the roof  for 4 hours, then snow blowing  all the snow we had removed,  which was heavier and more than we had thought was up there, I never thought we would see the stroke of midnight.  We were beat. Wrung out as they say. I HATE WINTER and all the added pain it brings.

I was thankful we saved the roof (so far,  the winter just started) and even more thankful we had not spent money on plans to dance and dine the night away,  as we were bent over in pain  OUCH.  So writhing in pain and our belly full  of delicious take out,  we settled in under a warm blanket and watched from the warmth of our home, the ball drop in Times Square.  Miss Dick Clark.  What was is gone,  as is 2012.

Where I would have liked to be is here,  minus the heavy snow load.


Happy New Year Everyone!

2013 Please be kind to our planet.

28 thoughts on “My Post ……………for Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight

  1. We spent it watching a DVD and fish and chips – no snow – but warmth. No dancing and dining for us twas a quiet one… another day…a new year begun – bless ya Eunice xx

    1. Bless you too. I should have went with Seafood as well or just heated up my Good Luck Bean Soup lol we spent 2 hrs. waiting in line for our meal guess a lot of people spent it at home this year 🙂

  2. Ouch, it sounds like you had a lot more snow than we. The roof hasn’t cracked but the wind blows cold and I’m happy to stay inside by the fire. Stay warm and enjoy this first day of the new year.

    1. Thanks and yes 22 inches were up there much to our surprise so much of the roof line never sees the SUN 😦

      I am inside trying to catch up on all the blog posts I missed while shoveling lol and trying to figure out how to do my blog this new year once a day, once a week, more stories less photos 🙂 I just want it to be a nice place to stop in just like the place I call home

      Happy New Year and stay bundled up we will see spring arrive March 21st 🙂


    1. Happy New Year!!!!

      Yes water pouring down off areas that had icicles last night LIFE IS GOOD sun it out it is breezy and about 19 well at least it is what it says with sun beating on it’s backside lol I only stepped out at 4 am with JT to make sure Doves and Juncos had seed on the ground come daylight 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  3. My word, you do work hard. Good for you, being alert enough to save the roof.

    Please do have a look at my post for today as there’s an award you might like to grab!

  4. Bad backs have no business shoveling a roof… I hope you’re okay. Stinks to be in pain, I know.
    Happy New Year to you, Eunice- looking forward to more great reads, my friend.
    hugs and stay well-

    1. Stay safe as you hit those cold icy roads for work as well

      Stories to start lol


  5. Thank you and happy new year ! I’m so sorry that night was so harsh on you. I said go for a party at my friend Emilie’s, but wasn’t much happier…I drank too much, didn’t eat enough and began to feel bad with everyone, so that I just left before midnight. Next year I think I’ll be home instead with a couple of friends or less …Hope the rest of the winter will be easier on you. Take good care of your back too, cheers ! Antoine

    1. Sorry your night was a mess from the start. I rested all day well beside a little cleaning sit, walk, sit and walk poor JT all she wanted was to have us play since we abandoned her to amuse herself while we were up on the roof she wanted to come up too 🙂

    1. Awe thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a few words to start the new year my best to you as well 🙂
      I have the best blogging buddies 🙂


      Happy New Year!

    1. I bet!
      Now you live in Paradise
      Thanks for hearing my pain if I was healthy I could have easily shoveled that bus did do a number on me 😦

      Well if I become famous lol I can run away for winter but who would protect the ROOF



  6. So sorry to hear about your tedious New Year’s Eve But at least it ended well. Will you have do this each snowfall? I hope we get the rest of the winter like last year…I’m not a ‘cold snowy winter fan. ..although it is beautiful to look at and the outdoor winter enthusiasts will want more..Diane

    1. I am with you not a fan of removing it 🙂

      Yes I suppose if we shovel it off each time we can make it through winter so in spring we can check on our roof 😦 too cold now to take it off 🙂


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