A Frisky Cat As Storm Arrived



She is playing Peek A Boo.   I better watch out she is 12 and now acting like a kitten again.   I am blessed with such beautiful animals but I bet you may have heard me say that already, sorry




When Mom gave us her cats old tower I never thought ours would love it as she does.  Her cat and ours are the same age but I think Mom said he didn’t like it anymore because she is 77 and not up to chasing him around much anymore.  This toy was attached to the huge tower and as you can see our little girl is full of playfulness




She is watching me take her photos and really waiting for me to wiggle it again so she can KILL IT




THE LOOK!  I better watch my hands and face




She has now turned away from me and her toys and is watching all those pretty Chickadees, Nuthatches, Blue Jays, Juncos, Finch and pretty Red Cardinals.  The birds are loving that an area has been cleared of two days worth of snow and I have spread on top of the snow some fresh seed for the ground eaters.


Not sure if I told you this cats story I must get my scanner plugged in so I can show you her and her sister who an old boyfriend saved from a woman who was going to do away with.  Yes kill.  He came home from work and walked in with a picnic basket I looked at him kind of strange and he said I brought you something.  How nice a basket for me to fill with goodies he wants me to cook oh I love those kinds of gifts no really this was very odd flowers all the time picnic baskets no.


He sat it down on the couch and he told me to check it out and when I opened it there were two tiny 3 or 4 week old kittens huddled together inside, scared.  I had lost my 15  year old cat not long before and missed Rocky so much.  These two had the same markings but this ones sister was Gray.  They were so beautiful.  They did everything together.  They would climb up us and knead our clothes and suck on our clothing,  they missed their Mommy and I would need to get their food soft enough for them to lap up.  I also started giving them a quarter size of Half and Half this kitty up above still 12 years later knows when my coffee is ready she gets her treat.

Now when he brought these two home  we had 3 of my dogs still alive plus I told him to bring his dog over to join my family pets.  I have to tell you these four dogs were the most gentle dogs I have ever seen.  My three were hunting dogs, Springer Spaniels and his was a mix which was the goofiest  dog I had ever met.  Just a happy go lucky dog he was  sort of like his owner.  Add laughter here.  Now back to the two kittens when the dogs would come in wet they would lay for hours licking the dogs paws dry.  I am serious this place I live is amazing.  They were lost when all 3 dogs were put down at 13 to 15 years old somehow they all got so old their lives were spent in horrible pain and they were ready.  I went maybe a year or two without a dog it was hard.


Now for the sad part just after we brought JT home from a farm in VT all of us were out playing in the yard the two cats, the puppy and us.  It was end of June and cats stayed out for hours running the yard or sunning themselves.  When we went in for the night I yelled for the two cats Rhythm and Blues to come in yes they were cats but came when called just like they were dogs.  Rhythm came running and Blues didn’t that was odd they were always joined at the hip.  I yelled for her over and over and the current man in my life (last man) said she will be back but she never was.  She was the most loving of the two and adored the dogs had she had a run in with a Fisher Cat or a Fox I didn’t know about the Coyotes being out back, back then.  Ron said he had seen a huge Owl as well.  They were smaller type barn cats.  We have Hawks too.  The worst part,  night after night for me,  was calling out to see if I could hear her cries, I never did. It tore me to pieces the not knowing what had happened to our loving and trusting cat.

So this cat above now follows me like she is a dog.  She stays with us on walks like she knows.  With the snow for last few days she has not wanted to go out not sure if it the deep snow on her feet or the winds kicking up a scent of something evil lurking close bye but I am happy she choose to spend more time inside with us.  I know she is old now but cats can live a lot longer than dogs so I am hoping for more days with her up upon her new cat tower.


When her and JT are no longer here with us there will be no more pets for me,  I just can’t the GOODBYES.

PS I forgot to tell you at twelve she still wants to knead our clothing and suck on us  kind of odd but I do allow it till her claws start to poke my skin  then she is placed beside me much to JT’s disgust she is not like the other dogs in my past she doesn’t like to share.





41 thoughts on “A Frisky Cat As Storm Arrived

  1. Awe!! I had a kitty when I was young that would suckle a little stuffed rhinos horn that I had. The purr was crazy loud too.
    Made me smile and remember. Thanks

    1. I am so glad it brought you back to then Yes purring is crazy with her as well 🙂 Funny I would have visitors sleep over and in the AM they would all say Do you know what that cat does lol I said that she must have liked them lol

  2. I love the pictures, what a pretty cat !! She is very lucky to have you !! I enjoy reading about all your beloved pets but was sad to read about Blues. What a shame. You are blessed with very pretty animals !! I am glad you share them with us !!

    1. Thanks funny with my camera I can find that side of any animal lol must be because they know me and give me their best side 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by to check them out and to let me know too!

      Happy New Year to you and your family

  3. Thanks for sharing your tales Eunice – sad you never found out what happened to the missing cat, but maybe just as well you don’t know.

    1. Yes that is what I came to be understand as well. Though I somehow always feel I failed by ever letting them back out into the world to play but being born mouses in a barn they would cry horrible at the door my other cat never stepped outside the door Live and learn I say. with a broken heart all the same

  4. the good-byes are stainless steel cutting through your ligaments
    That’s why I mind dogs now – I couldn’t go through losing another whatever way.
    Beautiful shots – thanks for sharing your story 🙂 Happy New Year sweet xxx


      I am glad I am not the only person who has has her fill of the loss of her pets. pet less people who have never owned any or shared their hearts and homes with them actually think I AM NUTS lol

  5. She’s a beautiful cat Eunice and these pictures really show her off.I find most animals like to pose for the camera my dog Ben is a real poser.Thanks for sharing and Best wishes for 2013

    1. Happy New Year Rita!
      Thanks I am not sure my two are will participants lol as I always have a camera close bye to capture them 🙂

      Cat wanted me too play and dog always wants me to THROW SOMETHING! Anything! 🙂

  6. Hi Eunice,I must be dosy or something because I can’t quite grasp how to pick up the two awards you have given me.I have read the instructions Maybe you could email me privately. Thanks

  7. It gets harder to say goodbye, that I know. It broke me and my husband’s heart when our last dog, Blue, died. We wept like babies. But then Maggie came along and we were too busy trying to get that stubborn puppy to listen… now she’s 10 and I can see the fear in my husband’s eyes whenever Maggie limps or moves a bit slower. And now we have Bella. Never had two dogs at the same time. She’s 9…. so we’ll be facing the same horrible situation in the near future.
    Our cat, Sammy, was a beautiful gray and white – he was 12 when we moved into our country house. He lasted one weekend, then I stupidly let him out and he never came back. Fisher cat got him, we think.
    and so I know what you’re feeling when you say that’s it. Still, I guess there’s still room in this old heart for one more…
    I can tell you’re loving on your cat and dog – for now, that’s all that matters.

    1. 🙂

      Thanks my best to you and your family and the pets in your lives it is never easy

      Happy New Year!!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. It sounds like you’ve had your share of good and hard pet times. If I was a cat or dog, I would love to be your pet! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!

    1. 🙂 I love my cat and dog and they me I am glad you are also sharing your place with a pet they do keep us going don’t they

  9. Our family has never owned a cat but I know how our own dogs, rabbits, gerbils, birds (and even fish) have burrowed into our own hearts! I can tell all of your critters have a very special place there, too! ~She’s a cutie. Have a wonderful New Year!

    1. You two with your crew. 🙂 Yes my pets ended up filling a hole not their fault it just happened 🙂

      Happy New Year

  10. It must have been so hard to lose one of your cats that way…I’d have felt the same…and I understand so well your reluctance to have any more after your current doggie and cat go….We have had to say good-bye to 7 pets who were part of our family…each with their own personalities and reasons to love them….We now only have one dog …a Lhasa Apse…who is 9 and probably won’t have any more….For sure no more young kittens or dogs…as they would outlive us and then what would happen to them…The only thing I might consider is an adult kitty from a shelter..but again we’re older and so would have to think about it……. Diane

    1. Thanks for understanding Diane bets have been placed I can not go weeks without a pet. Yes I will be 57 going on 100 🙂 Not fair to for legged friends I will just continue to care for the 70+ Turkeys and all the other critters 🙂

  11. Lovely photos and story. I know how you feel about losing pets. I sometimes feel I think about past ones more than some of the people I knew who have died! They always give you unconditional love (although I think my cat Gilbert would go off with a neighbour who loves him if she offered him a better deal) and always make you laugh. The kneading and sucking is usually because a kitten was taken away from their mother too early. It is probably comforting, just like sucking a thumb for a child. That’s why they like to knead soft blankets or jumpers.

    Hope you have a lovely New Year and your cats live many years. My last cat Freud was 19 when he died and he may have lived longer if not attacked by a neighbour’s cat. Just think that if they were forced to fend for themselves they would not have lived very long and would have to sleep out in the cold and snow. Your care has extended their lives and allowed them time to relax and play. Happy New Year!

    1. Bless you for loving them as I do.

      You are right I saved them from a horrible fate Blues had 4 good year but way too soon to go I still hold out hope she was snagged by a neighbor and is being loved as an indoor cat 🙂

      This one here in the photo she knows she is a very loved kitty rubbing up against JT scenting her lol JT is so jealous of anyone who comes near me lol but the cat she pushes her way past this dog and gets to me 🙂 poor JT she can’t help it if she is a bossy Border Collie 🙂 I hope I have her for years to come as well she is so well cared for so odds will that she will and don’t feel bad about the people who passed I swear they never loved us as our 4 legged family members I know mine were never that excited to see me lol

      Happy New Year glad you liked my post 🙂


  12. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. When you wrote kill, I immediately got upset. Pets are worth every moment they are with us. They give us so much 🙂

    1. You are right they should live as long as they can and be in no distress 😦

      Thanks for stopping by


  13. I am the same. When Rozie goes, there will be no more “pets” in our house – or so we always say. It’s just too difficult to part with them, to lose them. to have to make final decisions for them. And yet, the joy they bring to our lives is the best part and to share their lives is a privilege.

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