The prettiest…

Sad but TRUE

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  1. Yes – my thoughts on this
    1 Putting on a false facade for the world
    2 Even the beautiful feel sorrow
    3 Those that reach out often do at a risk of getting themselves hurt

    1. 🙂 Sadly so very true it is how I got through but your best face on and keep going

  2. It’s not always true but sadly it’s true often enough to be a shame on our society. I had a school friend who had huge smiles at school,friendly and beautiful person: no one knew (me neither) until years later about the alcoholic father who beat up her mother in front of the kids most weeks.

    1. Yes my ex took me as a young happy girl and destroyed me over 13 years I know this all too well 😦

      1. I’m sorry to hear that, the pain of the situation became apparent years later for her: helplessness at what happened, guilt she couldn’t help, shame she couldn’t speak out and *almost* a repeat of this history with a partner that she took a massive step to expose and escape.
        I wish you, and her, much strength to stay strong and move ever forwards in a positive way.

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