Snowstorm Here


Down along the rivers edge here at home.




Looking down from bedroom window.  Wildlife is hanging close by for breakfast




This gray Squirrel finally ventured out of the Willow good thing we did not cut it down  and stopped the beaver from doing so.



Here he comes over to the bad door to eat and torment JT lol



This is the other end of the lower yard.


We had 12″ of fully snow then the rains fell and it  got real heavy so we had to move it before the temps dropped and it turned to ice.   We are do a few more inches tomorrow and there is a full COLD MOON.  Stay warm






44 thoughts on “Snowstorm Here

    1. I will take a Houseboat off your shore for our winters lol

      Thanks for stopping by and that is so nice of you to say 🙂

      I have a Public Place on Facebook where I am going to try and sell prints 🙂

      Folsom Mill Studio anyone can LIKE that page 🙂 I will try that route for a year and see if I can generate any sales and get a BIGGER camera 🙂

      I will get back to writing my 3 books and of course BLOG little snippets of life around me I see 2013 being a GREAT NEW YEAR!

      Happy New Year

    1. You know I never thought to as I was bent over swearing 🙂

      today another few inches I will have to see if I can get at least the bottom ball made the dog will think it is for her though she loves snow balls 🙂

    1. Thanks easy to do from the bedroom window lol just have to hope the light is good enough for camera as it doesn’t always want to capture what our amazing eyes really see 🙂

      Wishing you a Very Happy New Year

  1. Is it spring yet? Come, now my dear, we aren’t sick of a little snow just yet, are we? You only have four more months to enjoy all this fluffy whiteness of the clean variety… too funny.
    I loved that last shot – those are the colors I think of for December – white and dark green and brown. Gorgeous.
    So, are you ready for more? I’ve got to go get the weather forecast – not sure if we’ll get as much up north here.
    Hope you are well and warm, Eunice. Bella and Maggie say “Hi” to JT…

    1. I am well
      Yes we will get between 0 too 5 inches lol

      I told her lol she is becoming a STAR with her Momma at the helm 🙂

      Hugs right back at you do you have 4 days off or do you go in on Monday? I will weigh in and do yoga Monday then celebrate a home with my crew inside and out 🙂

      1. sounds like we’ll be on the 6ish range by morning. Like we need more of this white stuff! I took a great pic of Bella this morning – she’d stuffed three toys into her mouth! A retriever she is and always will be!
        I have a few more days off – back to work on Wed. I’m loving this time off – first time in 4 years… not exaggerating… but then, I only work part time!
        Happy weigh-in and good luck. I’ll be rocking out today and taking walks in this deep snow for exercise!
        hugs again and always-

      2. Yes we will head to the beach or woods again and beat the snowfall 🙂

        Stay warm and give your babies lots of attention while you are home 🙂


      3. yup – glad my daughter decided to stay put tonight and sleep over at a friend’s house. One less thing to worry about.
        Stay warm and cozy, Eunice!!!

      4. Yeah well, that being said – she just walked in the door. Shouldn’t have been driving – even she admitted it, just wanted to be home.
        Glad she is all safe and sound.

      5. Yeah – both. Even she admitted she had no business being on the roads last night. Woke up today to another foot of snow. We now have a RIDICULOUS amount of snow for December.

      6. I know right when my wish is for us to have tropical weather from here on out 🙂


      7. 🙂 If I win the lottery there will be an invite to joins us in the sun, when the postman arrives at your place 🙂 so if you find one you will know I hit it big! Winters in the sun are not a bad thing 🙂

      8. Deal. And if I win, same for you. So much more fun if we all get to play together! By the way – measured 22′” yesterday and it’s snowing again.
        Is it really gonna be one of THOSE winters again?

      9. lol PERFECT!!!

        22″ for you wow I never thought to take out the ruler before the sun and wind got to ours 2 ” is TOO MUCH FOR US 🙂

    1. Thanks window probably cleaner on that end 🙂 I was not neat while painting as I need to do the section the windows lie within 🙂 I do not want to stand outside at 15 degrees or wash the windows outside either in the cold 🙂 give me a WARM day 40 or so and maybe just maybe lol

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