Wish We Had Headed West



Well after shoveling and snow blowing all day I am missing the west. The Southwest actually.  The desert of AZ.Today where we live in NH, we got our first snowstorm,  for a total of just over a foot of snow.  So I am really missing the sunny, dry conditions of the desert southwest.


I know I would miss my birds,  what would they do without me?  One year when I took off for the west I cut open a 50 lb. bag of sunflower seeds and spread them out under my truck,  someone or something had some good meals for the few weeks we were gone.  Summer trips we take there are plenty of bugs to eat but in the dead of winter and them being used to having their meals here,  it was the least I could do for them , what was $25.

18 thoughts on “Wish We Had Headed West

    1. I never minded driving my big rig in it 6 to 7 days a week but after I was hit by a Casino Bus I hurt to bad to MOVE THE SNOW it is pretty to look at till it is DIRTY lol

      1. LOL Yes the days when I could do anything are over 🙂 good thing I use a light weight camera

      2. You can get a cheaper Nikon that fits in your pocket or use a phone most are pretty decent best part is you get to go away to a sunny, warm place 🙂

        Have a great time!

      3. 😦 well go and kick back and relax and if you get a few shots share other wise just totally enjoy your vacation

    1. 🙂 m an that was before I met the bear who likes my place now lol maybe it was he who slid on his belly and ate all the seed 🙂

    1. lol They do need me I bought another 50 lbs of Black oil, then 10 pounds of chicken scratch for Doves etc. Also some finch delight and a new feeder for them also 3 pounds of suet for them as weather was 20 all day and nasty winds

  1. What a great thing to do for your feathered friends…. I love birds also. One of the first things I did after moving was to get bird feeders out and I so enjoy watching them….Diane

    1. Isn’t that the TRUTH lol Thanks it is good to know I have a fellow animal and wildlife lover in my mist 🙂


  2. Your mentioning about someone or some or something had some good meais just reminded me seeing a rat lazily eating cooked rices spread on the ground for the birds recently. It was someone not intended to come. It is interesting to see.

    1. Wow! Now I see mice, moles, bear, raccoon, skunk, fox squirrels and chipmunks at feeder and Mink, Fisher Cat and Coyotes along the river beaver and Muskrats too 🙂 very busy place here but no RATS 🙂

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