Snow On Patio

11 thoughts on “Snow On Patio

    1. I know he thought I was crazy to run for the camera but it was a sight for me to see 🙂 doesn’t take much to amuse me 🙂

    2. LOL 🙂 yes I took three others and should have cropped his legs out lol but it was odd to see I have had this patio for 20 years I usually shovel who knew all I had to do was WAIT!


  1. I’m glad you took the shot! How very beautiful!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Eunice!
    Got a nor-easter heading our way – gonna get over a foot they say. How about you?
    Stay warm…

    1. BRRR they say 8 to 16 hello GIVE ME RAIN lol

      I was amazed concrete was so warm I want a concrete driveway so I so not have to SHOVEL lol

      Stay Safe Sue


      1. Rain? Nah – say it isn’t so, Eunice. Don’t tell me you New Englandah is tired of snow?!!
        As to the concrete driveway, I think you’re on to something…
        It’s white here, looks to be a messy day.
        you stay safe, too, okay?

      2. well I am in the same boat must be 10 inches covering my pretty yard with bad backs clearing this land now that the transmission let go on my Dodge pick-up it makes it hard not impossible yet it is our first storm lol

    1. lol I will be mixing lots of concrete here in Chilly NH come next spring lol I hate shoveling and we may get 8 to 16 inches tonight 😦

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