10 Metabolism Boosters to Eat and Drink ASAP

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  1. Any ideas on how to get my blog to post-I have had this problem before and was able to partially post and then publish without, say tags or a title and immediately “edit” Now that isnt working. I cannot seen to contact wordpress in a way that they will respond. last time, my letter to them was just put on a page where other readers had problems-and werent getting any help either. Any ideas>

    1. Do you have a priority set like you write them to post at a latter date? I go to wordpress.com then top right my photo it drops down I click on my blog or 20 lines then drop down to New post. I Make a title then add photos or text then preview and check for spelling errors close the preview window then add tags, and click POST then once it has and says so on the left side of my screen with what number it is I close the left window and then under WP sign drop down to my BLOGS then click on which one then do quick edit like poem, photogravy, etc. then update button is clicked and I am off Try signing out then going back to wordpress.com and see if that helps I also delete cache and cookies on computer too I use windows I delete history a lot too so I never seem to have a problem hope something here helps you I saw a post your wrote that I wanted to read but when I clicked on it it said it was not available so I figured you set it to deliver at a future date odd how I saw it breifly though

    1. I just shoveled off porch 10 inches with rain mixed in 😦
      so I am wide awake now lol

      Does an Apple a day count when I used 4 lbs in my rustic pie YUM lol

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