Black and White “Christmas In The Woods”














12 thoughts on “Black and White “Christmas In The Woods”

    1. Yes messing with colors Red and Green for Christmas now I must make another change wonder what mood I shall be in lol

  1. LOVE black and white pics! They are so beautiful, Eunice. And JT just fits this style!
    Congrats on another wonderful post-
    such an artist! (this is me, beaming with pride!)

    1. Awe thanks honey you made my day! With snow coming I have decided to spend my whole day resting and adding photos to a new website to see if I can generate some interest Did you LIKE my new FB page yet?

      Thanks again and her being Black and White and the woods with a little snow I figured I would see what they would look like

      BIG HUG for you

      1. yes and I posted it on my FB page as well the like button is down under the awards badges



    1. Thanks I decided to give it a try on the ones from walk in the woods on Christmas with snow and all. We are supposed to get 8 to 16 inches of new stuff tonight 😦

    1. 🙂 We jumped the male who calls my woods home and yes she has gained a little weight she too is on WW plan 🙂

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